When Does It Make Sense To Ride in The Middle Lane?

by The Crazy Trucker
(Charlotte NC)

When Should You Drive in the Middle

When Should You Drive in the Middle

Let's be aware of how we are driving when out on on the highways.

The way we drive can make traveling, trucking, commuting stressful or closer to harmonious for us other truckers and cars.

We already know that many motorist feel like we are in the way and hold us in low regard. Why as fuel to that when you don't have to?

Some times I ride in the middle lane. But it's usually when there is a lot of get on and get off ramps. Not just randomly going down the road.

That's obstructing traffic for no reason. Am I off based here.

Mind you, I'm not just talking about the specific incident. I am talking about habits and best practice.

I'm talking about what affect does one practice over the other have when 10,000's of us truckers are mingling with other motorist through the states, towns and cities that we go through daily.

Something to consider

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