What you need when you get out of orientation

by Jimmy

Will my truck have a t.v.? how about a restroom? A microwave? It must have a hot tub or I won't go. O.K., I'll stop being silly. Actually todays trucks are pretty damn nice. Smooth riding, lots of room, a/c of course, lots of power. Many have small refrigderators, t.v. hookups, air ride seats, comfy beds and many have bunk beds.

Any company truck will not have a restroom, sorry. Or a shower either. So what will you do when you have to go, Like right now? in the middle of Chicago rush hour traffic? I'll be completely honest. Either have a porta/potty on board, or for girls a coffee can works, and for guys, we have a piss jug. I said I would be honest. On a previous blog, I mentioned something about managing your time, as in plan ahead, use the restroom before heading out into traffic.

For the newbies, take only what you must have. That is clothing, and sleeping bag and toothbrush. Also, work gloves and basic screwdriver, pliers. Travel light, because you will probably bounce around during your training period and the less stuff you have to lug round, the better off you will be. Forget about the hair dryer, computer, evening dress, Fido the dog and your picture album. Bring an extra pair of glasses if you wear glasses, just in case you break yours. The basic tools are to quick fix anythng that might break. And things will break, but you're covered since you have your trusty little screwdriver handy. That's it people. you're ready to go trailer truckin'.....Jimmy

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