What would happen if I leave contracted company while owing them a little bit of money

by Brian
(New York)

I am contracted with a company & recently paid a leased truck off. They have informed me that they are holding the title until 3,000.00 is paid off from a previous maintenance account.

As soon as the lease was paid off they stopped providing me with miles required to make a living. Most weeks I am in the Negative.

I am looking into another company and want to go to work for them as soon as possible but still Owe the company I am contracted with. With this other company I would be able to pay back what I owe in as little as 2 weeks but if I stay with the company I owe it will take 4 months.

If I left and went with another company would the current company be able to report the truck stolen since they have not yet provided me with the title to the truck?

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