What is the most important personal items you have for over the road?

I am almost out of school and I have a job lined up as a team driver with a buddy of mine. I'm wondering what kind of items you have in your trucks for personal use. Since there will be two people in the truck, space will be tight. So let me know what you guys think.


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Jan 25, 2010
Hit the road Jack but go over the road prepared
by: NickV

I would seriously recommend getting some mouth wash. This saved my butt when you wake up and dont feel like walking to the truck stop. I would take a hammer for them pesky loose glad hands. Also was told by a vet out there to keep Popsicle sticks handy. Use these to shove in with your loose electrical line.

Like they said in the other comment, of course, duct tape. Who DOESN'T need duct tape? You will use this for all kinds of stuff. If you dont know how to use it, hand over your guy card, your fired. Suppose to learn how to use it when your in the womb.

Umm, OH laundry detergent. This stuff is EXPENSIVE in truck stops, in fact, EVERYTHING is expensive. Take to much, never know what you will need.

Jan 22, 2010
What to take out on the truck
by: Hervy

Take flip flops or something for your feet in the shower.
wash cloth, towel, shaving kit, sheet, blanket, tissue, Lysol, anti bacterial hand wash, a week's change of clothes if you don't plan on doing laundry often the truck stop take two weeks work of clothing.

Let's see......

Some drivers take takes tools, I don't take tools other than a screw driver, vise grips and duct tape. The company should take care of any repairs that require more tools than that in my opinion.

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