What I disliked most about trucking

by Jimmy

I hated being at the mercy of so many people. Let me explain. You can't go anywhere unless dispatch gives you a load. You can't go anywhere until the shipper loads you. You can't go down the interstate if it's blocked by an accident. You can't go anywhere if the scale house directs you in for an inspection. You aren't moving if the fuel island is backed up with lots of trucks waiting.

There is also a lot of mis-communication in this biz. You do your part, but does everyone else do theirs.

I hated hustling to a consignee for a 6am appointment, only to be told to wait in the lot until they had a door, or worse yet, that I was a day early!. Thats when I learned a valuable lesson.

Call the customer yourself and verify the load/unload time. Then notify dispatch if it's different. Mistakes are possible when so many people are involved.

In a nutshell, I just hated being held up when I was ready to go, because that cuts into my time. Jimmy

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