what got you started as a trucker

by jerad
(youngstown ohio)

I was wondering what got you started driving? I've been thinking about it for several years but never did anything about it. I've been at my job for over 5 years and scared to make a change. I do know one thing thought I love to drive heck I took a job over an hour away from where I live just for the drive to and from. So I guess this is a two part question what got you started and what keeps you at it? thanks

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Apr 22, 2008
by: jerad

well I'm going to be stoping by a school here tomorrow and see whats up I'm really thinking this could be just want I should have done to start with instead of my stupid desk job working customer service. The more I think about it I never knew what I wanted to do I've never found a job that I loved or really hated for that matter and never knew what I really liked to do except for driving. So I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow when I get back from talking to the school and thanks alot guys

Apr 22, 2008
how I became a truck driver
by: the crazy trucker

Hi Jerad,

I agree with RingGear on a lot of his points about trucking and being a truck driver. It's hard to stop once you start. I stopped for 3 years only to jump back in it for 3 years again now!

Trucking is an excellent career man. Just take care of your driving record. Keep your paperwork straight as possible (including your log book) and don't get tickets.

If you do that, you can go anywhere in the country and work and after getting your 1 year experience get paid well while the less fortunate drivers deal with the shady companies and undesirable conditions because they have limited themselves from driving opportuniti mercy of the industry.

But man you said you love to drive that is a huge plus to you to become a driver, its nothing like exploring your country and getting paid to do it. The country truly is amazing, you can learn so much by traveling and meeting people in different places that come from totally different environments and backgrounds.

Ok, to the real question at hand. You asked about how i got started as a truck driver.

For me, I was searching for a way to change my environment and continue to make decent pay. I was changing some things about my life and the environment change was necessary for success. (theres another benefit of becoming a truck driver)

The commercial for Alliance Truck driving school came on television and at first i jokingly laughed and said i should go drive a truck. Ten minutes later I was seriously considering it. Ten hour later I was in the car with $2500 in hand to enroll in class a few days late for the class but of course money talks. When I first jumped in the truck I was lick whoa this is ridiculous what am i doing I am not going to drive this thing around cities and what not! LOL

Well, here I am. Driving wherever is like second nature now man. It's like riding a bike. I love it. I drove for about 6 months and then bought my first truck. I don't recommend you or anyone else doing it that way. (you'll will know for sure if you are ready for that move if you are not sure then give it about a year).

What keeps me going is just reaching certain milestone (1.5 million miles) and creating something to make a positive difference in the industry (this trucking website). I already explained why once i started it was the place for me. I only wish I had started driving a lot earlier man. If you have no wifey or kids I say with out a doubt jump to it.

If you got wifey and kids then there are some other things i will tell you to consider just holla back at me about it cause I got to get to Lubbock Texas right now.

Gonna be adding a lot (including some video too real soon) so check back and let people know about the site. As a matter of fact if it helped you at all go to someone's blog and post a article with a link to www.life as a trucker.com or www.the crazy trucker.com thanks man.

The Crazy Trucker
The Shostoppa

Apr 21, 2008
My Start as a truck driver
by: RingGear

If you love to Drive this is the Job. I worked in the Logging and Sawmill industy for 20 years before I started trucking. I could have learned to drive truck when I was 18 but turned it down. After doing labor jobs when I was young I started looking for something new. I like the Idea of making money. I had thoughts that truckers make big bucks. Boy was I wrong. We make good at times but its no walk in the park. I like working on my own with no boss. I like seeing the country. And I love to drive. Trucking gets in your blood. Be careful it hard to give up. I tried once it did not work out. Watching those Big Truck going down the highway. Make your feet twichie. LOL. I be trucking till Im done or trucking is. Its Hard to find a company that you can call home. But when you do, and you give up the dream of get rich quick. Trucking can be quite rewarding. I love it. I don`t love all truckers and I not proud of all truckers but I very proud of what I Do.. Good Luck to you..

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