what do companies look for doing a background check for truck drivers

by Thomas
(Sheldon, IA/ USA)

What do companies look for when they do a background checks?

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Dec 15, 2015
Innocent but still blamed NEW
by: Anonymous

I know a young man who at the age of 19 was accused as a sex offender by some girl who pointed the finger at him just because her mom forced her too, she was told to do this because the real offender was her own uncle. now this young man 27 now has been suffering all his life trying to find a job. but because everyone has refused him, he has found other ways to try to survive and take care of his family. but he is tired and stressed and so aggravated that he is not able to find a real job with all the experience he has to be a better person. He has taken classes to become a truck driver and each time he is offered a job and they ask for his background, he freaks out afraid that they will see him as a criminal and not give him the job. What can I do to help him get over this fear? sometimes I'm afraid he will hit bottom and end his life. but I know he is better than this and thank god for his children that he thinks of them and wants to accomplish something. They only problem is that no one will give him the chance? If anybody needs a truck driver please let me know....hopefully no background required. thanks.

Aug 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

My husband has a background one is 15yrs.the other is 10yrs.simple assault can this stop him from truck driver

Apr 02, 2010
What Trucking Companies Look for ?
by: Lady Trucker "MD"

First thing and it is the only thing they look at is if you are insurable it is the insurance company that the trucking company has, tells them if you are able to work for them. But as one of the comments says they also look at your driving record and what happened in your past but the insurable is the most important factor trucking companies look at.

Mar 30, 2010
Adding to my own Question about what trucking companies look at before hiring drivers
by: Thomas

I don't do drugs or alcohol. I ony have little tickets, like: 2 fender bender and 1 speeding 10 over.

Mar 30, 2010
Criminal Justice
by: NickV

If you read my story you will see I was no saint when I was younger. Ive been down the road of drugs and alcohol at a early age and I was one of the ones that got caught. Needless to say at the time it didn't make a difference to me.

I got caught, did my probation, paid my fines and moved on. 6 years later from the freshest conviction I decided to pursue my dream of being a trucker. And the stupid decisions I had made that felt like an eternity ago came back to haunt me. I had a lot of problems finding a company but after a lot of applications one let me in. Honestly it just depends on what the company policy is.

When I was having problems finding a job I talked to a guy that said he had a drunk in public from 23 years ago that was holding him back. A background is a background. They can find everything you've done criminally since the doctor spanked your but on your birthday.

NOW, whether they choose to look around it is another thing. Some companies have certain guidelines they follow and if you've done the crime it doesn't matter how long ago it was.

Some say it falls off your record after 7 years, I personally couldn't tell you. Like I said it all comes down to the company. Hope this helps

Mar 24, 2010
will a Shady past keep a person from getting a trucking job?
by: Jimmy

Criminal convictions, possibly civil cases, credit status, job history, traffic record etc. Jimmy

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