what are highway grades

by jac
(conway arkansas)

Highway grade sign

Highway grade sign

What is a 7% grade? 7% of what? How is grade determined?

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Jan 07, 2009
7% grade
by: jimmy

It means simply for every 100 ft, the road descends 7 ft(elevation wise) so if you started and went 100 ft and stopped on a 7% grade, you would be 7 ft lower. a 6% grade means you would be 6ft lower. FYI, a 6% grade needs to be respected,especially if it's 3 miles or more, so a 7% needs a lot of respect.

Apr 04, 2008
The crazy trucker's answer to the grade question
by: the crazy trucker

Welcome to life as a trucker Jac!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to your question. Just got down from Texas and my air conditioner went out so I really didn't want to be messing with this hot laptop. I am up in Va now so its more comfortable (yes my air oonditioner is still broke for a couple of days)

A grade is what the measurement of the hill, slope or mountain side is called.

They get that measurement by dividing the height of the incline by the length of the incline then multiply by one hundred to get the percentage.

height/length x 100 = grade percentage

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