What a Truckers schedule Like?

by Crystal

I cant figure out if my trucker boyfriend is telling me a tall tale to come make up his own hours back? OR WHAT?

He signed on to work 5 days a week snd is 74. Heres the thing...every week he leaves on Sat or Sun .

By Tues he is miles away and knows his schedule. Ok, by Wed. he calls and tells me he has no idea when he is coming home, no schedule yet and not a clue has to when he is going back again.

I have worked many jobs and even as a waitress I knew my schedule at least until the next hours got posted( about a week.)

Never heard of a job like his where a worker did not know a thing past the first 2 or 3 days!

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Jul 01, 2019
That’s trucking NEW
by: MeandOurThree

That is trucking. That is my flat-bedders schedule, for the most part. When he leaves we never know if it’s for five days or twenty one days. It’s hard as a ‘Type A’ person but that’s our life!

Aug 07, 2018
He is not lying NEW
by: Anonymous

He is not lying.
I never knew either or where I was going next until a day before.

It's trucking freight dictates where and when you go anywhere.

Aug 07, 2018
Sounds like many trucking jobs
by: Hervy

Its very possible and likely not to know your schedule beyond a few days out. Also possible not ti know when you'll get hone again.

Depends on what type of company he is at and how they operate. Also depends on where yous guys live.

Also could depend on financial goals. If hes trying to ensure making as muc as possible as soon as possible (maybe to catch up on a bill or eliminate a debt etc....)

Its possible that he realizes not scheduling a hometime until he reaches a certain point helps him reaxh that goal.

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