Weight load limit for 48¨ reefer van trailer

by carlos iribarne
(la union, chile)

Please i need help i own 5 48¨ 2 axles reefer trailers most of them grate dane. I work in chile south america. The companies here are used to load our equipments up to 57000 pound, wich is overload for design because i know that that reefers are design up to 44,000 pound.

The problem now is that one of the "expert" order to load the van with a Yale about 3300 pound with a 880 pound pallet operating inside the van.

I stop that on my equipment because i´m sure this action is going to damage them. The question is if some of you can send me a link from a study or something that show that action as no correct operation.

I think that the yale with de loaded pallet are going to brake the van.

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