by Don
(near Albany NY)

Hey Guys and Gals....

I'm a 70 yr old big trucker fan who missed the boat as a young man going OTR...Is it possible to now ride along with a trucker via a webcam in his/her rig....and relive my dreams that way, being on the open road, going cross country from the comfort of my home????? Would I also be able to communicate with the driver from time to time???

How do I climb onboard with a huge pot of coffee and hit the open road, seeing what the driver sees????


Love you Guys and Gals.... (In the spiritual sense, of course).


God Bless

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Feb 19, 2010
Yes you can live your dream.
by: Anonymous

There is a trucker that broadcast a live video feed and even chats when he is not actually moving. I can think of the exact web address right now, but he broadcast his channel on a website called Justin.TV , Your post were in April so you may no longer be interested but if you are send me an email and I will try and find it for you. -Clay

Apr 26, 2009
you tube and webcams
by: Don Navajofreight

Hey Hervy.. I forgot to mention to you when I wrote about webcams...I got hooked when I was up on You Tube once and saw a video of a Schneider Driver with a webcam make a recording pulling out of a terminal/yard.. passing by the checkout gate...shifting gears, .. entering the highway traffic system .. finally getting out onto the wide open road.... It blew me away.....It gave the viewer what its like to be up in the cab of a big rig...WOW totally cool......
Of course, it was geared more to the younger crowd with the hip hop type music, not that, that is a bad thing, but I would have preferred if the driver could have communicated something like... "Now shifting up through my lower six gears".. or "Now coming into New Mexico"... etc etc

Hervy, thanks for listening to me ramble...You're a really great guy...

Apr 25, 2009
more about webcams
by: Don Navajofreight

Hey Hervy.. Thanks for writing to me...
I, for one, would not be bored just looking at footage of the road... There is a dvd out called "Mistress Called The Road" Mistress is an excellent word.. it's like a calling, a seduction.. I am wierd, but, for me, there is a spiritual sense in being on the open road. Hard to explain... the whistling of the wind through the gap in the window.. the beauty of the movement of the rig on certain road surfaces.. the movement and jostling of the human body in sync with the energy of the rigs motion, the song of the tires on the road, the whine of the engine, the freedom of wide open spaces... these are all exciting in my bloodstream...I suppose after being out there as long as you veterans, those impressions might leave me, but I would hope not.. Anyhow please let me know if you ever get a webcam hooked up.. I WOULD be interested in coming along for the ride.

Apr 24, 2009
Trucking with the webcam
by: Hervy

Trucking with a webcam,sounds cool and scary at the same time!

Thanks Jimmy,

Hello Don,

I have been actually thinking about this, I was also wondering how many people felt what you just expressed, "being interested in just seeing plain unedited footage from the road"

I thought most people would find it boring.

I wouldn't have a web cam going on all the time, I know the lawyers would just love that if anything ever happened so they could fine tooth examine everything available.

I am thinking about driving with a web cam maybe once a month or once a week at the most. Still playing with the idea.

Will be deciding in May. Either way, May will bring a lot more excitement to the site hope you stick around.


Apr 24, 2009
question about webcams in big rigs
by: Don Navajo Freight

Thanks Jimmy for your reply to my webcam question.. I'll be looking for Hervy's response..

Oops.. i accidently hit unsubscribe .. hope we still have a connection..

Apr 23, 2009
Don has a request
by: Jimmy

Hey Don, the technology is there to do that, you just need to find someone capable and willing. Hervy knows much more than I do about the high tech stuff. He'll probably answer your question, but it may take a day or two. Jimmy

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