Warrensville Heights area CDL driver

by Demetrius Carter
(Warrensville heights)

I was arrested for mishandling a firearm in a motor vehicle in 2008 which got me my first felony. I didn't have any prior convictions so I was placed on probation for two years.

I had a job at a factory doing progressive tooling cause I needed to still support my family. I didn't want to work there because it was no way to advance so I decided to take my cdl classes.

The only thing that hurt me there was I got in trouble again for arguing with my fiance early in the morning over something neither of us could remember and was charged with attempted domestic violence which was my second and last felony.

I've had two positions at two different companies and neither of them worked out and now I'm going through a financial hardship and just want a chance at a great company that understand that things happen to good people.

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