Want to share troubleshooting and repair knowledge on old Schneider truck. 2004 Detroit 60

by chuck hurricane florida
(west palm beach,fl.)

adis air dryer

adis air dryer

any truckers out there want to share troubleshooting repair knowledge,truck and parts comparison(pretty much owner operator stuff)

i have tried over and over to post threads on the trucker report about stuff but it looks like a frozen site..i can never get thru it...anyways im looking for owner operators and truck mechanics that can share troubleshooting knowledge,repair tips,symptoms,truck and parts comparison,ect...
the truck i own is one of those old orange shneider trucks) 2004 freightliner century equipt with the detroit 60 air operated two v-pod egr system...im thinking the the century and columbia in the year range 04 to 07 has the same system...im not sure but im thinking the 2000 to 2003 uses the same front drums as the 2004.on my 2004 the dealers computer says the truck came with expensive meritor drums.it turned out that conment drums from the 2000 to 2003 fit the same as meritor does at $75 less each then the meritor drums..anyways my egr system has two air operated v-pods.one controls the egr valve actuator and the other controls the turbo vnt actuator..if you hear a air leak behind the turbo its the egr actuator(simple fix but hard to find the leak because you cant see it)i found it with the harbor freight stethiscope hose..if your truck is only going 45 miles an hour see if the turbo vnt actuato rod went up and fliped the lever on the turbo.(if not that would be the v-pod went bad or vnt turbo actuator).................right now im trying to figure out whats wrong with my air supply..the
air tanks are building very slow from 0-psi...i have the bendix adis air dryer i change 4-times with the remanufactured..they all worked good for 6000 miles each then same symptons.i also put in a new 5-foot tank that the first 3-inches of it is the purge/wet tank..
firt the 3-inch purge/wet tank airs up,then the tank on the passenger side airs up,then the remainder of the 5-foot tan the purge tank is weld to airs up..it taking 20-minutes to get my tanks to 130 psi on idle at 800-900 rpm form having empty 0-psi in tanks..this thing is driving me bananas..there was very little carbon in the compressor to dryer discharge line.i rodded it out and got 1-2 nickle bag powder grams of carbon out of it.i put shop air in one side and blocked off the other side and aired it up to 140 psi(no leaks)the truck air compressor is the single piston bendix BA-921..i put my hand over the air outlet,pressure seems strong enough.its puffing like a choo choo train puff puff puff(no smoke,no oil coming out,no air leaks.i put a guage on the compressor and the need flutters 100 mph back and forth from 60-125psi.i assume the needle fluttering is the down stroke of the compressor piston puff puff puff...the adis air dryer has 4-internal saftey valves that allow and stop air flow thru some of the maze of the dryer...

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