Want to drive dry or refer for an owner op. Used to be and owner op

by Kris Constantine
(Mesa AZ)

Im 39 years old with about 13 years tracktor trailer exp. have tanker and doubles endorsements. I am unable to buy my own truck due to financial issues.

I am now driver for a small company in Arizona running all 48 states. The pay is only 32 cpm and it takes two weeks to get paid for your trips. They even make you mail in your trip envelopes and will not pay for trip pack.

I could go on and on about the issues with this company. Needless to say i can not support my wife and kids with only 32 cpm. I am pulling refer with them right now. I am willing to run 2 weeks on and 3 days off. I just need to be making no less than 1000 a week after expenses. I am always on time with pickups and deliveries. I pay my own prepass have a rand mcnally truck specific gps and smart phone and laptop with internet.

I believe in effeciency and timeleness. I like to run legal but am willing to do what is needed to get the load there on time. I would prefere to be paid a percentage of the load revenue vs cpm.

I only have to minor violations on my mvr. A stop sign and and riht turn on a red light. Im just a family man trying to provide a legal income. Some days I wonder if a life of crime might be better. Please prove me wrong. 602-793-4877

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