Want to become a full time trucker in USA

by gopal shukla
(Noida, India)


My name is Gopal Shukla, 48 years and I am working as a reporter/journalist in India...I have been associated with this profession in the last 26 years...But in the past few years, I intend to withdraw from this profession and to do new Intended to be a truck driver in professional manner in full swing.

And I will be able to give a good upbringing to my family living in India..I will be giving good education to my children.

If you give me a truck company, the job and trends in USA must have his biggest advantage is the company itself ... because I only look up... In fact my family as much as he would be in India ... So evening will probably have little or no competition in the home care to return quickly to others ... so I can put it in to complete the learning task most of the time ... and ... maybe I can through it A stronger could earn $ ..

Please guide me and help me show you the way to USA ...


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