unempolyed for two years in IL

(centralia IL)

I just graduated from trucking school and got my CDL. I got a perfect driving record and no criminal history but a small misdemeanor conviction back in 2003 and a DUI in 1997 my question is that i got laid off from work in 2012 and got unemployment from April 2012 to April of 2013.

I had no income and did some odd jobs around my area I started trucking school in November of 2013 and graduated January 31 2014 I cant find a company to hire me because I was unemployed for to long ....

my last job I held for 20 years and now I can't even find work even though I finished school and got my CDL ...

So what company will hire me anyone knows a good company ... sorry that's what I'm wanting to know Who will hire me for being unemployed for 2 years.

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