Type 3 Diabetes

the crock pot idea is genius. Not all calories are equil. Healthy fats and vegetables are what I eat.

Has anyone heard of type 3 diabetes ?

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Jan 21, 2016
It's still a "theory" but yeah...
by: Anonymous

Type II Diabetes can be controlled somewhat with a pill called "Glucophage" ... Type II Diabetes is an insulin-resistance in the muscles over the majority of the body, manifesting itself mainly in the larger muscle groups

Type I Diabetes is the scary one. It requires daily, multiple subcutaneous shots of insulin, and I have a hard time understanding why drivers are allowed to maintain a CDL when they have Type I, especially when running Interstate...

Type III is supposedly an insulin resistance in the brain. The theory is that even a non-diabetic can develop this disease (which is also supposedly a form of Alzheimers)... because the brain uses a majority of the body's glucose/sugar intake

When the body is starving for food and it is fed, the brain gets fed first.. basically

The problem seems to lie in the fact that we eat so much refined foods (sugars) that the body just gets tired of releasing insulin, which is the "key" so to speak, that opens up the cellular membranes of the muscles to allow sugar/energy in.

When it gets tired of being released for no reason, other than the fact that the human is over-eating and eating the non-nutrient dense foods, it just stops.

This is when pills are given, diet is supposed to change, red flags are sent up, and warnings are given about the onset of Type I Diabetes.

The process states that Type II can be put under control before it elevates to Type I Diabetes, often called "Adult Onset" Diabetes because it happens after years of abusive eating habits.

At the same time, some babies are just automatically born with Type I Diabetes and are obligated to taking shots for the rest of their God-given live's.

Type I Diabetes cannot be reversed. Once you have it, it is there for the endurance of one's life.

As far as Type III Diabetes goes, it is still rare, and I personally havent heard of any "cures" other than the normal suggestion the doc gives for you to change your eating habits.


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