Happy Easter and Checkout these trucking lessons

Happy Easter hope you are at home taking it easy. Just figured I would use my trucking experience this weekend to point some things out to whoever might feel like reading.

I was attempting to sneak in on my Mom, Dad, and Brother but it didn't work out so well.

Here's an example of why being on time is so important.It's also shows an example to potential drivers and wives why things just don't work out sometimes the way you want or expect so you want to keep that in mind when deciding to become a trucker.

I was supposed to pick up a load early yesterday morning in Mississippi to take me to the house. However the driver who was bring down the load from Wisconsin didn't get there until last night. After he arrived it took four hours for them to unload it so that they could put the piece on my trailer so I could leave.

Here is an example of how shippers could change the way they do business just a little so that relationships between them, carriers, and drivers are better. Also to eliminate log book falsification and downtime which could mean better rates for them if all parties just came to the table and talked about the issues at hand (instead businesses all go for self with out regard to how they effect each other.)

I was waiting for one piece. Yes I said 1 single piece to go on that trailer. A set of rails for a bed. This is a distribution center, trucks go from there to Carolina all the time. They refused to let the trailer go without those rails as if it would create a catastrophe. Some drivers would have driven all nite without sleep to get to the house especially if they had family waiting.

Well, you can get the picture of all the things that could have happened.

Bottom line is I sat there until 9pm Saturday before Easter for a set of rails to go on a trailer from a company going to NC where they go to all the time, (it could have just gone on the next truck)LOL

I am not complaining I am just using the incident to point a few things out to new drivers and wives about why plans don't always work out.

Also i am pointing out to whatever business person may be reading who doesn't think about how they could be shooting themselves in the foot by not taking into account how much what they do might affect other companies that they do business with. Sometimes you may help yourself in the long run just by caring about the relationship. or treating the business (not even talking about me) the way you would want your business to be treated. It ridiculous to cause such a expenses on another business (They are going to have to pay me for sitting) when it would cost you nothing to help them avoid it.

In the end you may end up paying for it.

(Freight rates)

So the other lesson in this goes back to a deeper principle that I have spoke about countless times.

The me me attitude. Being so self centered that you can't see the forest for the trees. Focus so much on self that you shoot your own self in the foot.

Anyway, I got to go.

Later all, don't eat too many eggs.


Ohhh yeah, I could have avoided this and insured making it there had I planned it with dispatch weeks prior. Or instead of leaving back out when I did I could have just stayed at the house and been there 4 or 5 days which would work for some and for some you would want to try and squeeze in one more run right up to the last day(this determines your check the following week) in which case you know anything could happen to keep things from playing out like clock work.

So I still don't want you to think its impossible to make some type of plans, I am just showing how tricky it is and how things could easily play out in different ways.

If you want to be sure to make it home you may have to sacrifice extra time. Which is cool as long as you save your money so that you can do this when you need to. If you want to try and make extra you may not make it don't get mad if you don't. That's just life as a trucker.


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