Trucking is my life and i need a 2 chance 619-376-8529

by Byron
(San Diego )

Hi my name is Byron Turner i was terminated a few months ago after my partner and i pulled are westernstar into mechanic shop so they could fix the air conditioner. So two mechanics boarded are truck they asked where the unit was.

I showed them where it was they seen my moon shin souvenir/change jar sitting with the rest of my belongings they preceded to check the unit at this point im not thinking anything off it because it's a souvenir with change in it. So they said it would be a couple hours They have to wait for another mechanic that deals with air conditioner units. We said ok no problem we will wait.

Mind you at this point they know it's there. So we are just waiting at this point. Three or four hours pass there still not ready then my partner gets a call on her call from security saying we need to talk. Excuse my language my partners sh#ting bricks.

Im telling her there's nothing wrong. So we meet up with the security guard and he says to us we found a container with liquid in it on the side of your truck door. And I say really thats impossible because I have never drank on the job or at my job site only at home off duty on vacation time. And I tell him I have a souvenir jar with change in it he says no it had liquid in it and smelled like liquor.

I told him no there was no liquor just change.. then I spook to a lady on the phone. I explain to her that it was not true. She says to me I have the pictures right here I said with change in it right she says no liquor witch was not true. At this point I'm very upset and I demand a drug and alcohol test she says no I can't do that and im going to have to terminate you. I asked is there anyway I could fight this she said no.

That night killed all of my chances of being a truck driver. I worked really hard to get there and now all my hard work is going down the drain. I wanna fight for my job back im getting turned down by every trucking company out there. I actually still have my souvenir with me till this day.

I just need another chance. Byron 619-376-8529 i currently live in san diego ca.

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Oct 18, 2016
ask for proof and get a lawyer
by: Ice_Mystic

Get a lawyer that is familiar with this type of thing...Demand copies of the pictures..Demand copies of any documentation or reports written regarding the incident...Can your partner not verify that the souvenir bottle had no liquid only change?

If so get an affidavit and go after the company for wrongful dismissal, loss of wages, etc. At the very least you could clear your name. Good Luck

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