by brady
( ogden ut)

do you like your job as a trucker and why?

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Feb 27, 2009
Brady needs to know.
by: Jimmy

Well Brady, since I was in trucking for 32 years, I guess I liked it. First off, I like being outdoors, even though I was inside my truck, I was outside driving. In an indoor job, you wait for the action to come to you, as opposed to an outdoor job where you travel, you go to the action. Hope that makes sense. The only action that will come to you in an indoor job is the mailman, or the lunch truck, or the regional manager popping in once in awhile.

But when you're out there driving, you're going to see things such as accidents, weather changes, different people moving about, different localities, beautiful scenery. I've worked in windowless warehouses and thats not for me.

Me personally, I like my solitude and making my own decisions. The company gives me an assignment and then it's up to me to complete that assignment. I can eat when I want, sleep, get up early or sleep in, just as long as I complete the assignment as agreed upon. In a factory/office/retail store type job, you get up the same time, go to lunch the same time, go home the same time, work the same days, well you get the picture. Can you say BORING ?

Now don't get me wrong, there are downsides to this job, but that goes for any job, right? Jimmy

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