Trucker's wife from St. Louis YOU-Tube video

by Ronda
(St. Louis, MO)

I love the video--I haven't shown it to my hubby yet-but what great attitude...positive, motivating and very upbeat..Its great! And the STL Arch is in and the area looks very familiar..your company should be proud of you and consider you an asset to them.

I get an e-mail from Joel Olsteen everyday and I make it a point to read it to my husband when we talk before I go to work -and its working -it helps him get in a good way of thinking everyday.

We all need to be thankful and proud of family that is out there on the road everyday. Your days are long and stressful -heck I hate driving on 270 at rush hour and I only do that when I have too--and I have seen traffic from CA -to Jersey and OMG Truckee pass in CA -in the snow--I really have nothing to complain about my 7 mile trip to work...I think every wife should try and go w/ their husbands when they can just to get a taste of what they do, how professional they are.

I gained so much respect for my husband when I went with him -he can park that big rig like a mini-cooper-and that was downtown San Fransico-I had to lay down in the bunk couldn't watch he did it one time I was amazed.

God bless be safe and keep the great attitude its inspirational!

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Aug 18, 2012
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by: Life As A Trucker

Thanks for sharing that feedback Rhonda. We really appreciate it.

I love learned of Joel Olsteen about Feb 2012. I think he does a great job delivering the messages that people need to hear and in a way that they not only understand but listen attentively to.

I know by what he is saying that he is changing lives. I listen to a sermon of his about twice a week on youtube now.

Hope your husband loves the video and thanks for sharing,

The Crazy Trucker

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