truckers are getting sick

by Hervy
(Baton Rouge, LA)

In the last 2 weeks I have heard three drivers talking about how sick they were.

1 truckers called in to a talk show on a separate occasion another driver called in to a radio station where both times the conversation was about eating healthy.

Basically telling people that they should eat more fruits, veggies and fiber and less meat, soda and sweets.

Both people developed diabetes which of course is highly likely from the food that they were eating and sodas they were drinking.

I know alot of you are going to say it may have been passed down threw the genes. The drivers never mention that a parent had it, but they did mention that the doctor told them to stop eating the junk and stop drinking sodas.

The other trucker called in to a radio show. He had a stroke from high blood pressure. Of course he said he was told by the doctor to stop eating junk (my words).

He was just calling in to testify also advising all listeners to develop healthier eating habits.

This year so far, I would say I have heard at least 3 people on the CB testifying to the same things. One trucker was saying that he passed out in the truckstop parking lot, I can't remember exactly I think he said his blood sugar was up too high or something i forget now. What I remember is the same advice
from the Dr. He said the Dr. told him he had to change his diet or he would basically ruin his life (my words again)

I think most of you don't take me serious when i drill in the fact of how important it is to maintain a healthy diet and get some exercise.

I will tell you again, my blood pressure and cholesterol were high enough that they gave me medication for both and told me to take it immediately.

I never opened it. I just changed my diet completely.
Now both are in normal range and it took about 6 months to get it there.

That was a lot cheaper that buying medicine or paying for medical bills, it's also a lot healthier.

Now mind you, I never looked or felt sick, used to work out in the day. I just ate whatever. Only gained 50 lbs over 20year and everyone said I looked fine. Didn't need to loose weight as far as appearance goes to them.

Still the food that you eat has a serious impact on your body. Eat right and you will feel better. I rarely get a cold or other problems except allergy reactions every now and then.

So just thought i would drill this stuff into your head again.

Hopefully, it will take for some, the others will probably wait until they develop an illness or gain 150 lbs.

I hope not.

Oh and drink water.

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Jun 02, 2009
Furniture helps
by: Hervy

LOL, yep, the furniture helps my to crash my diet on Saturday's but . . . . . .

I lost the weight when I was hauling regular freight man. No touch. Just like most truckers.
It's all in what you eat and simply exercises to enhance.

I lost the first 30lbs simply with a switch in diet, no exercise at all. I wanted to see if it would come off without exercising.

But, prior to trying to losing I had been working out so my metabolism was probably a little better than someone who never worked out.

But it is really very simple for anyone that wants to lose.

5 meals. 7, 10, 1, 4, 7

fiber one cereal,
string beans, spinach with garlic
pears, peaches, pineapples with cinnamon
walnuts, almonds or banana for snack in between if needed.

Do 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week.
Don't eat anything outside of this until you get down to target weight.

4 20 oz bottles of water a day minimum.

Take mega men multivitamin from GNC, citracal with Vitamin D, Omega 3

I promise you will lose weight. I will anyone money they will lose weight. Just take a little discipline. But if a person wants to lose weight to improve the future of your life, I don't see how you can not find the strength to get er done.

Talking about your health here.
After reaching your target you can eat what you want on Saturday in moderation.

Not like you are giving up whatever you like for ever, your just shooting for a specific goal, weight reduction, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Apr 20, 2009
Is eating healthy possible?
by: Jimmy

Well, it takes some preparation. Most newbies bring their eating habits with them. The healthy foods aren't readily available on the road. Well, they are, BUT, you first have to find them, and then, find a place to park an 18 wheeler while you go in and buy them.

When I'm at home, I eat a salad daily. On the road, it's damn hard to buy lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and wash them off and prepare them and keep them refrigerated for several days.

And the lifestyle is hard on the body. So many coffee drinking, cigarette smoking, junk food eating, erratic sleeping truckers. Getting the flu on the road is miserable. You just can't call in sick. Some of these restaurants are filthy. I'll starve before I eat in them. And don't get me started on stress. Baaaaadd for the heart. Stress is a killer.

You may want to take a quick jaunt around the parking lot for exercise, but you may be dead tired and dirty and just blow it off until tomorrow.

I applaud Hervy for eating healthy and losing 50 lbs. It can be done, but really takes perseverance. Of course, lumping furniture every day helps.

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