Truck Driver Survey

by MAllen
(South Bend, IN, USA)

1. What type of radio stations (sports radio, music +type, comedy, talk radio, satellite or normal) do you listen to?

2. What sports do you or your family play/watch/enjoy?

3. What type of websites (sports, weather, news, special interest, hobby, social media) do you visit?

4. What social media sites do you use (facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc)?

5. Do you have a smart phone? If so, what apps do you use?

6. What do you use your phone for (apps, internet, phone calls, texting, etc)?

You can reply here or email me mallen at if you prefer.
Thank you for your time in replying.
M. A.

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May 20, 2013
Survey - why? NEW
by: MAllenKeystone

Thank you both so much for responding. I look forward to reading more.

I am using the responses to help assist me in figuring out what will be the best use of my time/resources - it will answer questions like, "should I spend my time creating an app for a smartphone, or write an article about tips for drivers?" or "Should I spend time updating Twitter or Pinterest?" Things like, "Would it be a good use of my time creating a contest for pictures from drivers or should I start a blog with recipes that are useful otr?"

I have been very passionate about education on health and fitness for drivers due to the extreme drop in life expectancy for drivers from the general population (something like 11 year difference). I am looking to find the best places to get the message across. I don't want to invade people's inbox, but I want to be able to get the information to people who want it. Rest easy that replying to this survey via post, PM, nor email will not put you on any list, will not get you spam, and that you're not having to go to another site nor sign up for anything. I am simply interested in the information from the specific demographic of people I want to reach.

So in short, I am just looking to find the best place to focus my effort.

May 17, 2013
Truck Driver Survey NEW
by: TruckerYitz

npr or talk radio. although rush limbough can be the cause of high blood pressure.

smart phone is a non working cell phone that still has wifi capability. its a droid. i use big road, and copilot trucks, and card star to store all the supermarket cards for points and also the fuel discount cards and even the home town library card.

use facebook screen name TruckerYitz Vann. and yes please ask for friend request. NO ONE TURNED DOWN> i dont refuse anyone or stupidly block them either.

i also downloades sygic and down loaded all the maps so that even thogh i dont have active cell cervice the maps are on the memory card and therefore gps on phone works all the time.

May 17, 2013
Good stuff NEW
by: Anonymous

I think among Ontario trucking companies, sports (hockey) radio is far and away the most popular. That's also what I play, and usually use the web just for news(no social media, or smart phone), and stick to just calling or texting with my phone.

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