Traveling with Boyfriend Over The Road. What do I take?

by Janet

Just asking for suggestions about how to prepare for an OTR trip with my BF.

Things to take, not to take... How much time might I have to shower or do makeup and hair... Since I don't get ready in 5 minutes flat like him. :)

Usually just take about 10-15 minutes w/out shower. I don't want to be a hindrance of any kind.

He said I might need to fly back from somewhere if I run out of vacation time.

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Sep 29, 2013
Traveling w/ BF NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the links! I'm really looking forward to it

Sep 29, 2013
What to take on the road NEW
by: Hervy

Janet, take a look at the personal list on this page. what to take over the road. Since you are a women you have to add to the list as necessary. Basically just take what you would on a road trip but NO weapons or alcohol and you would be good. Also limit the clothes because although you won't be working, it is a still a function of a job. You won't need excessive clothing or accessories.

Will you have the time to get ready?

Plenty of time in most cases. As long as there are showers available, you can shower at the same time that he showers with your own shower so you won't be holding each other up.

Use the bathroom when ever you stop whether you have to or not, so you won't have to make extra stops once the truck starts moving.

As far as the possibility of having to fly back, it is entirely true. You will learn about that here at the realities of trucking.

A way to avoid that is to ask for home time maybe a week before you have to be back. (I am assuming you have about 3 weeks off, lol). This means you might get back way early but it also means that if you don't make it back the expected day, you are still not past your limit and won't have to spend money for a ticket.

Depends on the company as to how well they are able to meet drivers home time request. Apparently he has been paying attention and realizes that with the company, scheduled home time is not that reliable.

I think you are going to have a great time on the road. You are planning ahead so you will be just fine and prepared.

Enjoy it!

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