Traveling Trucker's Wife

by Jackie
(Travelling OTR, Home: San Antonio, TX USA)

Hello all. I am a newlywed to a truck driver. I've actually known my husband for years but we had lost contact.

When we touched base with one another again, he was then (and now) a truck driver. 2 years ago when we first got back in contact and started dating, he was in the oilfield.

Due to this, I was able to gain alot of insight and first hand experience as I was in the cab, though hidden off. Now he is OTR (over the road for those who are unaware). Now that he is OTR, I can "legally" be on the truck with him (company knows about it).

For a while, we had struggles and we have found that communication is key. He's had his temptation s, but in all fairness, I've had mine.

Now...about I mentioned, we are newlyweds. This past January was our 1 year anniversary. I am 37 (38 Sept. 2019), a grandmother and a mother.

I love to travel, meet new people and listen to music.

I do believe in God strongly which helps me get through alot.

I'm hoping that I can help be an encouragement to someone and shed some insight to the ladies not travelling.

As a travelling trucker's wife...I do see more males and talk mostly to my husband so even some female companions would be awesome!

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