Too young to be hired by companies, is there ways around it?

by Dillan
(jacksonville, FL)

I will be 20 in a few months and im itching to drive. I never drove a semi before, lol, but i want to real real bad.

I know I can get a CDL right now but every company I look at has a age requirement set at 21 or higher. are there companies out there that would take me at 20? or could i possibly become a owner operator and grind it out so i can start driving now ?

Lifeasatrucker Answer:

Federal law requires a CDL holder to be 21 to driver Over The Road. You might be able a trucking job with companies that do not travel outside of your state.

However, unless you know someone who can get you on somewhere personally,finding this type of trucking job will be hard especially with no experience.

Aaron Rental places are hiring like mad. It might help you to get a trucking job if you have a good delivery record on your resume after you turn 21.

It is not a big truck but imagine you and another applicant all else equal but you have experience delivering even though it is a little box truck.

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