This is a question I always ask truckers but I can never get an answer.

by Hervy

So the other day, I was going about 63 in a 65 for about 3 miles behind a another trucker.

He of course was in the 2nd lane from the right.

We were on I 85 between Greensboro and Burlington where trucks are only allowed in the two right lanes.

So seeing that he wasn't going to speed up or switch lanes, I went in the right lane to go around him.

Now all of you guys know already what he did right?

He did what most of you do, he sped up. Of course the
more i spend up he sped up, then I slowed down he slowed down but I knew he was going to do that so as soon as he slowed down i gased on it and did what I had to do.

While I was down at the Pilot fueling, this clown pulls up. When he gets out the truck, I just politely walked over there to him and told the trucker I had always want to ask a driver face to face a very simple question.

Why do you speed drive the same speed for miles block a lane, for whatever reason, (I actually can understand why he was hesitant to get in the right lane, that's not the issue) and as soon as someone gets in the right lane to pass (only when we are not allowed in the lane to the left of course) do you speed up to keep us from passing you.

His answer was I didn't see you.

lololol. and that's pretty much what i did laughed and walked off. I didn't have to say to him that its ignorant.

So let me ask you guys, cause he is not the first one whose done it, is something wrong with me thinking that is one of the most ignorant moves on the highway or am I right. If I am right then why do so many drivers do it?

You know who it is,
The Crazy Trucker

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Feb 22, 2013
More than one reason NEW
by: Anonymous

I know some reasons people do this (I just have a great imagination). One of the most common reasons, is that the person didn't realize how slow they were going until he was being passed, when he looks down to see his speed, he speeds up thinking he doesn't want to have to turn around and pass you if he is going to end up going faster. Another reason, is because they initially thought that since they have a tailgater, and their speed is low enough that they feel comfortable speeding up to satisfy the person behind them, he might hit the gas when you've already decided to make the move to go around. Last, just from many years of being related to the first two of my concepts. He could be absent minded and subconsciously react to a triggered memory of doing the two previous things I've mentioned.

Feb 18, 2010
first question when i get to the pearly gates

the first question i want an answer to when i die is, why do people speed up when i go to pass.this is something ive lost sleep over trying to figure out the motivation behind being content with the speed you are going then suddenly speeding up[ to intentionally prevent someone from passing. is it an ego thing? does being passed mean more than just being passed? ive been trucking since 77. if i ever quit trucking it will be this one thing that absolutely baffles me and aggravates me to no end.when someoneis passing me ,i do just the opposite.ill slow down to make your passing go quicker. still scratching my head over this.

Jan 08, 2009
speeding up when passing
by: jimmy

I have two thoughts on this matter. many people seem to drive in a trance. yes, they are 'driving' the vehicle, but their mind is somewhere way off in never never land.

we've all passed someone going too slow and looked over at them to see what this idiot looks like, and their just not on this planet.


Also sometimes we cannot see in front of the vehicle in front of us, maybe there is a reason he is going slow, the road opens up and he proceeds to speed up and we think he is messin' with us. just a thought.....jimmy

Dec 24, 2008
Safe, Courteous and Professional
by: Collin Barnette

From the point of view of another driver on this nations highways, and not just a truck driver, I agree with your assessment 100 percent.

From the time you get your drivers license as a teenager on through the Truck Driving School. The things that are driven over and over again are to be safe first of all. Truckers are suppose to be the professionals and leading the example for everyone on the road. Finally, drivers that practice these kinds of "Stunts" are the bad apples that continue to feed the nations stigma of the ignorant, rude truck driver.

Who knows, if just one Driver reads this and says to him/herself, "hey, their right, I can do a better job than that". Drivers of all vehicles will benefit.

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