The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has come a long way. Trucking companies once only hauled freight. As demand and freight increased so did the need for logistics to coordinate the movement of vast amounts of freight from raw materials to finished goods. The trucking industry once only made of hauling freight now includes a wide variety of jobs that created by growth and logistics.

Some trucking companies also provide 3rd party logistics to handle not just the physical movement but also the information gathering and processing aspects of moving freight. Also, many trucking companies provides warehousing, distribution services for other companies that rather spend their time focused on manufacturing than logistics.

The History of Trucking (Mini Version)

Before the invention of the automobile most freight was moved by train or a wagon pulled by horse. During World War 1 the use of trucks became more common. Logistics was needed to organize the increase of activity largely attributed to military needs.

By 1960 the trucking industry was rocking and rolling because of the construction of the Interstate Highways System. The Interstate was also born largely out of military needs as related to national defense.

In the 1970's popular songs and movies put the trucking industry in the center of popularity. This had influence on the minds of the general public who knew little about trucking except what they were exposed to in entertainment. The history of trucking is now a part of America's past time but it still informs that mind today.

The Trucking Industry Today

Today there is logistics industries and trucking associations to facilitate growth and business. There is not enough positive media coverage and entertainment in order to facilitate growth in perception of the real truck driver.

A lot of negative attitudes, bad habits and risky behavior showcased by entertainment and upheld by a few bad apples in the industry helped create a stereotype that still exists today. It is what many people envision when they think of truck drivers.

This negative perception of drivers causes subliminal and indirect (and sometimes intentional) mistreatment of drivers even when dealing with others in the transportation and logistics industry.

More challenging though is how this negative perception of truckers has the potential to cause problems in relationships on so many different levels. For these reasons it is important that people make sure they are compatible for the trucking lifestyle before becoming a trucker. If they have a significant other, she/he must also be compatible for dealing with the challenges they will face as individuals and as a couple in the trucking industry.

This has affect on their lives and presents challenges even when dealing with others in the transportation and logistics operations. Some people probably don't even realize how they think less of drivers but it shows in their

Other Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has grown more and more complex. There are many jobs a person can have in the trucking industry today. Truck drivers are what most people think about when they hear trucking but for transportation logistic it takes many support personnel.

To name a few there are dispatchers, freight brokers and agents, warehouse personnel, safety professionals, regulation compliance officers and other positions related and in between those mentioned. If someone is dying to work in the transportation industry but is either not a fit for trucking, can't get hired as a trucker, or is tired of being a trucker, these other positions may be what the doctor orders.

Community colleges and specialty schools offer courses and training that takes less than a 4 year degree to qualify for many entry level positions in the trucking industry.

Also there is room to create your own opportunities within the trucking industry based on many services and support needed. From diesel mechanics to consultants and even web design for trucking companies. The trucking industry is forever expanding and support will grow with it.

WhyThe Trucking Industry Needs Drivers

The need for truckers already project to be a 400,000 deficit by the end of 2012 will continue to rise. Increased enforcement of regulations and new regulations on the books will weed out more and more drivers who fit the stereotypical image. Even good drivers with bouts of poor judgement or tough luck will also get caught up with the changes.

Drivers that don't take care of their health will also be booted out as a safety precaution against things like stroke, heart attacks, seizures, black outs, lack of sleep and intoxicated driving. The trucking industry is also comprised of elder drivers just as the rest of the US workforce. There are not enough drivers entering the trucking industry to replace them. Remember, many got in when trucking was very popular among the general public or one generation later. Trucking jobs are becoming more popular now but it is a result of needing employment and not an genuine interest of the career itself.

Then there is the whole issue with being underpaid while the industry shifts to newer drivers who won't even know the difference. That's a whole new subject,lol.

I don't blame people for seeking employment but still it makes it highly unlikely to bring in the same quality of people who will love their career choice to be a trucker. Those that are simply looking for a job, will only have a job.

The Truckers Report - What's Real and What's Needed

Many people think that anyone breathing can get a CDL and drive a truck. This may have been more true during the period of popular movies and songs from the beginning days but that is not the case today.

The truckers report it's hard to get a trucking job without finishing high school. It's also challenging and near impossible to get a trucking job with a long rap sheet or an ugly driving record.

Many people who have a reasonably clean driving and criminal background can qualify to drive trucks but only a percentage are actually compatible with the lifestyle.

Drivers who enter the the industry without making sure they are a good fit for what they will encounter as a trucker may find themselves highly stressed and disappointed. They will be the ones who keep the stereotype alive because the don't want to be on the road and it will show in their attitudes and the way that they drive.

To change the face of the trucking industry we need people who love and take pride in their choice to be a trucker. They are the ones will will make money, love their career, and improve the face of the trucking industry.

If you drive and you don't like it, please find a way to escape the road. Maybe find another career in transportation and logistics, leave the driving to us.

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