The scariest encounter!

by Kourtney Marie
(The open road USA)

I'm Kourtney i'm 23 years old. It was the end of January it was like 2 in the morning when I pulled into a truck stop in the middle of Montana I was tired. I had my German Shepard Axel and my 3 year old son with me and I needed fuel so I pulled up to the pump. my son was asleep and I didnt wanna wake him up so I left the dog with my son and I took the keys.. While I was in the little store paying the guy I heard barking and my dog never barks but before I said anything my dog Axel was standing at the door with blood all over him and I completely freaked out I was like o my what the hell.

I opened the door to the store and ran to my truck and when I saw the scene in front of me I almost passed out.. There was a dude laying by the running board of my truck a gun laying in the ground and the drivers door opened.

If it weren't for AXEL my son would have been gone along with my truck it was one of the scariest things that's ever happens to me..

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Amazing NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm not a trucker YET. But I have a Red Australian shepherd I plan on bringing with me when I get my CDL in a month or 2 depending on when I get approved for a state grant.

She is very protective of me and also guards my room. I don't think she would fend off an armed intruder though. She would probably growl, snarl, and nip the intruder and then just back off.

It's amazing and wonderful that you have a companion who is both willing and able to protect you, your child and your truck.

Best wishes to the 3 of you. Stay safe and keep on trucking.

by: Kourtney marie

Thank you so much and yes he truly is womans best friend. That is totally true iv had a dog in the truck ever since I started and my dad always had onne too I feel very luck that I have him especially after that whole incident.. And Im sure he would love the treats!!

by: NickV

Wow Kourtney that is a amazing/really scary story. Its amazing how dogs are so loveable and playful with their owners and even friends but when it comes down to business its like they have a 6th sense. Much props to axel and I think its safe to say a K-9 is a womans best friend as well. So happy that things worked out for you and your baby and if I happen to ever see you at a truck stop with a german shepard in the jump seat I would be abliged to buy Mr. Axel a box of treats or a big ol bone for him to enjoy. He's truly a hero and that's something not all dogs would or can do. I hope the scum bag who did this got what was coming to him after Axel had his way. Thanks for sharing your story and maybe the word will get out that just cause you see a driver walk in a store don't mean the truck aint occupied

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