The "Ice Princess"

by Denise
(South Dakota)

"Ice Princess"

"I gave up my "High Heels" for 18 Wheels"..

Hello I'm 49 yrs old, I've been driving for 5 Year's.. I trained with Schneider's in Carlisle Pa. I drove team with my husband for 1 yr. Hated it there, but we did our year their, Thanks Schneider for getting me my CDL..
We then moved and I drove a Side and Belly Dump for 6 months, that was ok, but I missed the road, We both went to drive for US Express as team that didn't last long we sat more then we drove for this company, I swear I couldn't believe it for such a big company and they'd say there's no freight? So we got out.
We found a great company which we've been with now for 3 year's...We now drive solo for a Private Owner Operator, he goes West I go East,and were home every other week together, its great.
I know already I have that Diesel in my Blood.... I just Love driving and being independent, I couldn't think of anything else I rather do..

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