2008 and 2009 Will be a Challenge For Many People

Life in 2008 and 2009 will be a very unpleasant experience for many people. However for our children and the future of the economy 2008 and 2009 will be the beginning of something beautiful.

The Year is 2018. We Are Looking Back At 2008 and This is What We Will Be Saying. . .

It began the process of America rebuilding on the footing from which it was previously built.

Individuals stopped using credit (mostly by force) to live beyond their means instead they saved and purchased the things they needed. They later began to buy nice things for themselves but never with high interest loans and mostly only with cash when they could afford it. They forgot about trying to keep pace with the Joneses and opted for what was reasonable and within their budgets or made sense for their circumstances.

With this mindset, they began to spend more money where it actually counted in the education and health of their children.

This mindset also created a society where more time was spent in the home rather than wasting money on baby sitters to go out. Tight money also caused a decrease in spending on gaming consoles unless it could also provide the benefit of teaching.

The by product of those new choices alone no doubt had a positive impact on the quality of the children's lives and future.

There was less cable and dish network so the time in the home was spent interacting amongst the family. Because of this redirection of attention by the parents in the home, the needs of the youth were quicker to be detected which resulted in better relationships and communication between child and parent. Parents, especially single parents had little time for relationships from outside the home unless they fit into that same constructive and positive mold. This in turn resulted in those children developing better relationships as they became adults.

Because of the dramatic shift of attention there was a decrease in crime, drug use, promiscuity. Teens soon began to realize that gangs were self serving and couldn't compare to the nuturing love, structure and protection they had right at home.

Test scores across the nation began to rise above record highs while the drop out rates plummeted to record lows.

Children in some places that were never expected to excel, not only completed school but completed school with some of the highest marks recorded.

It turns out, all they needed was support and attention and some one telling they could be anything they set their mind to. All they need was an environment that was saturated with hope and love, discipline and structure.

Of course these children grew up with better morals, and work ethic. They achieved more than their parents had and thought nothing of it. It came naturally. They had a better concept of budgeting, saving, building credit, entrepreneurship than generations before them which translated into a very successful and growing middle class.

Newly created businesses with true value and centered around helping others, sometimes other businesses sometimes other people. Directly or indirectly sometimes with products and sometimes with services it provided but always with helping as part of the business model. Companies began sprouting in unlikely places. This translated into true, easily assessed undeniable value in our economy creating the wealth that we see today.

The bloom of so many of these small businesses that are still gaining in size today is what help this nation's economy grow steadily in the right direction.

The solid continuous growth that we have seen in the last 10 years and will continue to see by anyone's forecast of the future of America's economy is directly attributed to the crisis of 2008/2009.

That crisis that demolished a deteriorating building that allowed us to rebuild with the best materials and procedures. We now have the best house on the block. It's time to help any nation that wants our help to build their houses too with the same enthusiasm.

Yep that's how I see us reflecting back 10 years from now to 2008.

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