The clouds are rollin in and its time to look for shelter

by Nick V
(San Antonio, Tx)

Alright guys, this is getting a little out of hand now. I call roadmasters at least 3 times a week and all that happens is i leave a message which never seems I can get someone to call me back.

This past week on Thursday I called one of the "head honchos" and she said she was going to get my paper work together and call me back in about an hour and of course never did. So my question is to you, when is it time for me to pull the trigger on a nice little lawsuit against these guys. Its gotten to that point now.

Their job was to find me a job before I even left school, they didn't do it. Their whole schpeal with everyone is "Lifetime job placement" well they cant even find me one! Its getting bad boys, and I don't want to give up, I want it, but it seems like every light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting dim before it gets more light. Like I have told yall, my girlfriend works at TA and one of my good friends girlfriend works at Blue Beacon and they have done 10 times more recruiting for me than roadmasters.

So whats my next step? Sounds like Roadmasters accepted me, took my money, and now its all just a bunch of empty promises. Seems to me that my MVR should have been ran before I was accepted. And supposedly it was because I had to wait for 3 months for my DUI to roll over 5 years before they would take me.

Ya know I didn't go to this school just so I could keep working construction and show off my CDL every once in awhile and be able to look at a big truck and think wow, I can drive that.

HELL NO, I wanna drive man!

Just lookin for more advice so if you guys can help I sure would appreciate it. My advice to anyone who reads this...DO NOT go to Roadmasters. I wouldn't refer my worst enemy. Also I want to explain that I am not some money hungry jerk off trying to make a million dollars off of a law suit. Although that would be nice I am not one of those yuppies who goes around looking for things to sue people for.

BUT I am not one to be taken advantage of either and I feel that's exactly whats going on.

Thanks Guys,
Nick V

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Jul 01, 2009
Keep Your Head Up
by: Hervy

Nick thankss for updating us man,

Yeah, I figured their response would be something similar to that. Or, "I thought you said . . . "

Well I think your doing it right man, stay on them about providing job placement.

Only thing your going to have to not let them make you get reckless with your attitude cause you know like I know, when that happens your likely to see absolutely no results or cooperation.

Just try to stay calm and tactful in stating your case and let them know your frustrated and ready to drive.

Yep, I know about the constraints of working with a boss. My construction jobs was always laid back though man. I was on other jobs with the heavy breathing down the back, Lol.

The voice mail routine is the worst though. Of course I haven't checked mine in 5 months so I better stop talking about voice mail or answering the phone for that matter! LOL.

Maybe you can work extra hours or a Saturday to get ahead on your income and then schedule a day off so you can be free to make the moves you need to make.

Well anyway Nick best of luck, and I am about to crank out a prayer for ya right after the send button.

Keep ya head up and remember every no is a step closer to a yes.


Jul 01, 2009
Bad news
by: Nick V

Nope Hervy, no luck yet. Went up to Roadmasters and talked to the guy who runs the whole thing here in SA and now they are saying that I never told them I had a possession charge which is a bunch of bs but that's how it goes.

Called out the recruiter for not doing her job and we got into a pretty heated conversation but in the end it was 2 on 1 and of course they think they have done no wrong. Gave me a app for Arrow and for CRST and told me to call Monday, which I did and of course she was with a "client" and was forwarded to her voicemail which I have no idea why she has because she never seems to check it.

Anyways I called again later that day and she said to call back the next day at 10 and she was going to send my app off so she never sent it for 6 days. Called her back at 10 sharp the next day and what do you know, the voicemail routine again.

Its kinda hard to do all this calling and looking when you have a boss breathing down your neck about hurry up and hang that next sheet of rock cause we got deadlines to meet and blah blah blah. Im sure im not telling you anything you dont know, coming from a construction background.

So I guess I just have to take it one day at a time. Trying to get on with a concrete pumping place right now but of course the guy I need to talk to is ALSO a jerk off so its just the same ol same ol no matter where I go.

Thanks for asking though Hervy and I will keep you posted on anything if it happens. Hope you dont mind me giving my novice opinions to your readers but just trying to pitch in on something that has helped me out a lot through all this. Stay safe out there bro and hope to one day put this computer stuff behind and hit you up on the CB.

Jun 30, 2009
Any Luck with a trucking job yet
by: Hervy

Nick, how is it going man, any trucking jobs come through for yet?

Jun 20, 2009
Don't mess with Nick V.
by: Jimmy

Damnit Nick, it seems like that's the American way, right? Deception, deception, deception. I'm talking about businesses and how they're run. There must be a school somewhere that teaches business owners how to deceive the public just to get their money.

My advice is to deal with them face to face instead of over the phone and then picket them. $6500 is a lot to lose. But, you do have your license in hand, so they have gone to sleep with regards to helping you find a job. Don't waste all your energy trying to get even. You need to find that first job. Check back in, I'm putting on my thinking cap..Jimmy

Jun 17, 2009
Hang in there Nick
by: Hervy

Sound very frustrating Nick.

Hate you going through all that drama.

They seem to be a little backward though, 5yrs would be mean the calendar date from your charge.
Jan 1 don't make it 5 years unless you got the charge or conviction on January 1st. So that got me thrown off right there.

What do you mean you got your BAC lowered from .08 to .04?

I know its all frustrating man, but you can only do what you can do. It's going to be alright. Not like the CDLs are no good. You still got them and they are usable.

I understand what you saying though about all the money you put into getting them expecting to put them straight into use, plus the bills coming in. I doubt you make any more driving the truck than you are doing construction if your full time though for the first year of your driving.

Plus, with just that one charge almost 5 years ago, something should come through for you.

If those clowns ever answer the phone though, see if they will defer the payments for you until you get a trucking job.

Keep us posting man, I will say a prayer for good luck.

Jun 16, 2009
Heres the skinny
by: Nick V

Ok, I tried to go into roadmasters about 9 months ago. They ran my background (cause they have to) and said that I had to wait for 3 months for the new year to roll over. SO, my DUI had been 5 years from that point in time BUT they said the insurance companies go by the years.

So the DUI had to be 5 years, not from the offense, not from me getting off papers but 5 whole years. Hard to explain but here it is. If I got a DUI on Feb 3 1995, then you would have to wait until Jan 1 2001. Think that's right but bare with me.

As far as the school goes. I have left multiple messages (some nice, some not so nice)and have gotten pretty much no reply. One of the guys from "drivers solutions" called me and gave me the number to a big wig up at roadmasters. Called her, left a message, had to call her again til she finally answered and said she would get things together and call back...never did. Call her again, voice mail.

I have filled out countless amounts of apps online, Sunday my girlfriend and I were both filling out apps so every one I fill out I just get more and more mad. PLUS this whole time the loan payments are coming in. And every time I call up to school they always tell me the recruiter is with a client. Makes me want to go up there and picket.

Inform people that maybe this isn't all its cracked up to be. Makes me wonder if they just tell you what you want to hear, get your money and then forget about you.

Truth of the matter is you are supposed to start filling out apps in your second week of school. I didn't fill out my first app til my graduation day.

My fault? Their fault?

Well since I was on weekend classes the recruiter would come in for about an hour on Saturdays. Never Sundays.

Then they explained to me that I should have talked to her when she was there. Now, how the hell can I talk to someone at the yard when I am out driving around during the short amount of time that they are there? BS...that's what im dealing with boys.

They have a excuse for everything. Now I work 9 to 5 or later everyday so its hard to get time to call recruiters or even lawyers at that fact. I dunno man but this is really starting to piss me off.

I did my time, 160 hours, 8 weekends, 6500 dollars not to mention money for permits and gas to take tests and licenses. Guess what I BAC lowered to .04 instead of .08.


Jun 16, 2009
Is it Raining Yet?
by: Hervy

What's up Nick,

Sounds like a aggravating situation man. I don't know if I got you right though. So, are you saying that they are saying that the placement didn't go through because you still have 3 months for the DUI to be 5 years old?

I don't know exactly how that contract reads man or what the details of your situation is but if you are saying that they are breaching your contract then you definitely should at least talk to a lawyer, if they feel you have a case they will be glad to take it to get that percentage.

If anything is fishy with your record though you always have to ask the tough questions so you won't get a surprise. For instance, all companies has set in stone policies for something like a DUI. Some companies may be 3 yrs old some may be 5 and some may be 10 yrs olds but in either case, that's not something you have to guess at.

If a company says that a DUI has to be 5 years old before they can hire you, it don't matter what the schools says about that particular company. If they say you were accepted and you know you got a DUI that is not 5 years old then it's probably best to confront about it. (I am guessing of course about how things might have gone down, I don't really know if I follow you correctly)

Of course that's bridge under the water now either way. So what's the deal are they saying that they can't get you on anywhere right now. Do you have to go with a company that they place you with?

I know you ready to get trucking man, but it sounds like your saying at worst you have to wait for 3 months to get that 5years in. If that's the case at least you still in the game and at least your still able to work while you wait.

Clouds don't always mean rain my friend.

Bottom line though, if they are breaking an agreement, you might have a case. Only one way to find out make some calls. If they not breaking the contract your going to have to chill and be patient.

Keeps us posted on how it's going man. Hope they hurry up, I know you ready to smell diesel fuel.


Jun 14, 2009
it's a sad world
by: Anonymous

You might as well take em to court, truckin companies are doing anything they can to show a profit, even if it means not hiring, they screwed up the rates and now it's biting them in the butt, loadboard rates suck too as the brokers try to screw the trucker for 20% or more, I still don't know how they can hire a school rookie with no experience and on the other hand require 1-3 years recent OTR for anyone else, insurance companies are screwing everybody too by making the requirements regarding experience and ultimately keeping good drivers from getting a decent job, somewhere there is a good lawyer that could prove it and stick it to their ---es!

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