The 2 year Blowout

by Jerry
(Mercer County, Pennsylvania)

To Make a long story short(er).

I bought a house right down the street from my job. Location couldn't be any better. I was a supervisor for two rest area's on I-79 In PA. My boss got fired and so did I a few months later.

I had My G.I. Bill sitting there and I decided to go back to school. I love to drive so I found that driving truck would suit me just fine.

Stayed at a buddies house to make it back and forth to school, it was conveniently closer. It was rough (at my buddies house), I was only home on the weekends but school only lasted a few months so I could rough it.

The Last week and also on graduation day (Mar18) was my birthday. Didn't have my CDL yet so I went out for my Last 'Hoo-Rah'. My buddies left me down the road and would return later.

Later on I went outside to call them and got jumped by two idiot rednecks. I didn't ask for it, didn't know these guys, never seen them before. I kicked the crap out of em. I'm a War Veteran but I always looked like a soft target. I don't like violence much anyways.

Afterwards I jumped into my van, started it, DID NOT MOVE and the cops showed up immediately. "Someone had called it in" they said. "I did" said the nice lady parked adjacent from the fight. "They jumped him, I seen it".

Long story short. I got a DUI just for starting my vehicle. But I didn't get charged for the fight, they couldn't, I could have but they got what they deserved already.

So I thought I was safe because I did not have my CDL yet. Turns out and it took me awhile to find out THE PERMIT COUNTS. I found a job before the sentence came thru.

May trucking Company Hired me. Put me on with a trainer. Passed all the test. Got my First beater truck, and cranked out the miles. So much in fact, after 5 months they gave me a brand new Pete587. Plastic still on the seats. My reward for hard work and not getting any home time. No Accidents, No Lates, No tickets. Just damn near perfect driving.

You learn Everyday anyway, and it's an adventure waking up in a different place or city every day. Plus it got me out of the house. I absolutely loved it.

Yet, I had that dark cloud always hanging overhead.

PA let me drive for year while going thru the court system before they finally pulled my license. So Now I had a hefty 1800.00 fine to pay and no job, a mortgage, two girls and an Ol' lady with no employment.

In PA, it's a commonwealth you lose a lot of rights. A lawyer in my case just added to the fees but their is no defense, so story, just the Gavel. I've never been in trouble before.

So the past 13 months I've walked, done odd jobs such as Roofing, Drywall, Plumbing, Fixing computers, Walked, Flipped Burgers, Done some community service at a local Animal Shelter, Called my church, Walked, Did some framing, More roofing and countless other jobs all just to try and make ends meet and get my fine paid off. Tried to make a deal with the devil but he couldn't be reached.

It's been Hard, very hard. Borrowed some cash from my Mom 600 miles away and friend 1100 miles away. Lost my Dog, My Family, and almost my home in the course of the year...scratch that 13 1/2 months. (1 1/2 for Penndot to do paperwork)

I pulled it off thought, Got my CDL back. Yet, of course, even thought I've never been in trouble before, no felonies but I'm finding out that that on my record is one Killer. So finding employment is what I'm doing now.

This is my Story. I won't let you down and I'm ready to Drive.

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