thanks for the insight about trucking

I think I know now why there are so many advertisements for trucking companies looking for drivers - they don't pay squat, from the sounds of it.

I feel for you about the costs - ever since congress decided to sock it to the trucking industry with higher taxes on diesel back in the 80s or so, you guys have been getting squeezed.

What about international loads (canada or mexico deliveries) - how does that affect the profit margins and is it a big hassle?

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Jan 12, 2009
Loads to Canada/Mexico
by: Jimmy

I don't believe Canadian loads pay any better. Crossing the border IS a hassle. Not worth the extra hassle. Just my opinion. Forget about Mexican loads. You DO NOT want to drive an 18 wheeler into Mexico. As of now, all Mexican loads are dropped at the border and taken down by a Mexican driver and then returned. You might even have to wait around for this to happen.

As far as driver pay, when a trucking co. needs to cut costs, there is only one department they can cut from,ie, driver pay. Not fuel cost, not insurance cost, and definitely not office help. They can even cut driver pay without the driver being aware of it. They can manipulate that statement better than a magician doing magic. Jimmy

Oct 18, 2008
hey keith is is julie
by: Anonymous

hey there man hows it going.....just wanted to tell you i agree with what you wrote, i met your wife on this web site and as you may already know my husband has been driving for a ton of years. He has seen this site because he has also heard me talk so much about it, he did read everything on it. And he is also so blessed to have me as his wife.

So many couples out there don't make it, do to a spouse being gone all the time. But hopefully with some help from your wife Jennifer and me we can help some people out. And I think that is what we are going to try and do.

I have talked with women from around where I live and helped them out so maybe we can do the same on here. Well just wanted to say HI to you Keith and stay safe out there on the road man.....hope to talk later Julie

Oct 18, 2008
Its me,the husband
by: Keith

Hey all,my name is Keith and i am Jennifer's husband,the truck driver lol. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this site,I have heard a load about it all week long from my Angel and this is the first chance i have had to get on here and check it out. I am, I hope, one of the good truck drivers lol,one of those that gets yelled at on the cb about letting stupid 4wheelers out in front of me,lol.

I also am very blessed to have a wife that is understanding and behind me but let me tell ya,it wasn't easy getting there. As a driver it is very easy to do your time in the truck and come home with the attitude,"Im tired, leave me alone and let me relax." Take it from me,that attitude is not very conducive to a good marriage,or for support from home.

I actually had to learn how to make this work from my end too. The key, to me, is that whenever i am home,every minute I have is spent with my best friend,my Wife. Of course,that is easy for my as she and I are best friends. I know that it is not always that way in a marriage,lol,not my first rodeo if ya know what i mean, but this is definitely a life long commitment with Jen.

I had to realize that phone calls at all hours of the day and night were not her bugging me,but trying to make up for the lack of me being home lol. I make it my goal,that from the time i come off the road to the time I get back in the truck to spend all my time loving and doting on my beautiful wife.

She is the reason for my happiness and I believe that happiness these days is hard to find,so take care of it and the person the gives it to you at all cost and effort,believe me,I am repaid for the effort and affection ten fold.

Anyway,just thought i would put in a quick ten cents worth lol. I'll be around from time to time when im home, so I am sure yall will here from me again lol

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