Thank You Truck Drivers!!!!!

by Steve


I want to open this post by saying thank you for all of your hard work & sacrifice that all of you do for us on a daily basis.

I drove OTR for a couple of years, and to be honest with all of you - I couldn't hack it. I then drove local for a local structural steel plant for 5 years before being promoted into the office (some will argue that it's wasn't a promotion!).

I currently handle all of the purchasing, logistics, etc.

While I am in the office, I have always carried an unquenchable thirst for the trucking industry and the drivers.

With that being said, I want to make a career move, and wish to work in the trucking industry full-time in some fashion; fleet management, safety, etc.

I want to make it clear that I want to help the driver. It ticks me off when I hear negative things about the industry - without you - we wouldn't have anything.

I have made a reputation for my company that when a driver picks-up or drops off a load, he/she is to be taken care of to the fullest, with dignity & respect. In short, the driver is part of my team.

With that being said, does anyone know of any on-line schools or classes that I can take, so that I can learn more about safety, fleet management, etc.?

Thank you for your time - be safe out there!

Thanks again!



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Aug 17, 2012
by: maureen&daughter

To the truck drivers who SAVED our lives on the night of August 16th, 2012!
Incident occured: 10pm-90W-exit 46LeROY-
We were driving back from Ithaca after taking my middle daughter to Cornell towards buffalo on the 90W- Before the Leroy exit 46 there was a light brown van that was weaving a bit but tailing cars. I switched lanes to the right side until he passed me rather thing I knew he started to tail me. He switched to the right lane and started tailing me! I was driving a white XC70Volvo. As I slowed, so did he. I maintaied a 65 speed limit as he played with me tailgating within inches now of my bumper-then he put on his brights, I thought he was going to ram into me!! I woke my youngest daughter and dialed 911- There was a service stop coming up - so I waited for the last possible moment and whipped my car into the exit for this service station-he swerved and went over the grass and followed my car!! I looked quickly for a police car or anyone!! I did not slow down and had no choice but to re-enter the 90W again- My daughter was on my cell waiting on hold with 911 they were transferring the call to the state police...I was being tailed by a maniac!! THAT IS WHEN the most wonderful thing happened!!
THREE trucks came out of nowhere and started to position themselves in different lanes....I was now in the left lane and had a feeling to pull over to the right just after passing one large truck pulled in front of one large truck...immediately I saw in my rear view mirror another truck racing towards the van while another in front of the van slowed- THEY TRAPPED him!! Boxed him in!! Then they decreased speed and the VAN had no other option but to exit on the LeRoy exit...
My cell phone reads 1011pm- so to each and every truck driver who helped me...God Bless you!! Thanks you!!!

Oct 17, 2011
Thank You TruckerYitz!!!!!
by: Anonymous


Thank you for taking the time to respond! I will definitely make contact with them.

Thanks again!

Oct 17, 2011
Thank You Truck Drivers!
by: TruckerYitz

try keller. they make alot of the safty and procedure manuals they also have classes at the truck shows. las vegas, nashville dallas etc.

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