Terminated and BLACKLISTED from the Trucking Industry for making Videos.

by Jimmy Moore
(Clayton, NC 27520)

Hello, you probably of heard of me, my name is Jimmy Moore I host a YouTube page called turfnetworkchannel to make a long story short I made plenty of Trucking videos during my time as a driver from 1997 my days as a Dick Simon Driver till Baylor Trucking Nov 15th 2013.

The Company Baylor Trucking decided to fire me cause they viewed a video that they said was unsafe. I was making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich while driving down the interstate.

I don't care who you are if your a Truck driver eating anddriving is second nature. But to Baylor Trucking they seem to believe that this was reckless driving habit.

They were also kind enough to download the video illegally then share it with the Dept of Motor Carrier Safety Administration then put it on my DAC report.

Let me just say that it has been one hell of a ride for me this year 2014. They ended my Career of 16 years, I currently have a Clean MVR no Accidents no Tickets for the past 16 years safe driving. And I can't get hired at any trucking company not even Carolina Cargo. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration & the Dept of Transportation along with
Baylor Trucking copied all my trucking videos and used it AGAINST me.

Talking about truckers pay the cost of living and overall regulations with elogs and substationary files pertaining with the OOIDA. They banded me from the industry cause they feel im a threat to all the new Drivers entering into this industry.

I still have some videos up and I will not remove them its my Constitutional Right to talk about it.

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Blacklisted NEW
by: Anonymous

You get in an accident, company stops giving you loads. You try to communicate, and all your hear from the boss is, "I have to wait to see how much this is going to cost me". Still no communications. But still no loads. Need to make a living, so you quit. But any company who carries same insurance, says "Insurance won't cover you". So you talk to the insurance, they say, "We never prevent anyone from gaining employment, it's the trucking companies playing games, and blaming the insurance companies. It comes down to, what the insurance company charges to cover a driver, and if the trucking company is willing to pay it. In the mean time, it wasn't the insurance who was preventing the loads, it was the company. Company wanted to hold on to you, you are a good driver, but was now blacklisting you because, this accident is going to cost them. And wanted to hold on to you, and make you pay. It sucks, but accidents happen, especially when it's weather related. and that is why trucking companies, pay out big bucks to cover their butts. So it wasn't the insurance company that was blacklisting, it was the company.

ass hole trucking companies NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes they are blacklisting people Best way to stop them is buy your own truck

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Recent Grad Blacklisted NEW
by: Anonymous

I Am A Recent Grad From A Trucking School.
I Decided To Go OTR Due To Pressure Of Eviction And I Needed Something Fast. Went OTR With Schneider Out In Indiana. I Was Out There Schneider Treated Me Well But I Was About To Be Kicked Out Of My Apartment That I Shared And Dealing With Depression While On The Road Was Effecting Me. I Was There For The Training Orientation Which Last 13 Days. I Left On The 8TH Day From Training Because Of What I Previously Described My Situion There Is No Contract With Schneider So As I'm Back Home Looking For A Company To Try To Start Working At Everyone Was Once Interested And Next Thing U Know They Started Not Calling Me When I Would Leave A Voicemail They Wouldn't Call Me Back I Have Text Messages With Some Of The Recruiters On the Time They Wanted Me To Join Them. All Of A Sudden No One Wants Me? I Did Nothing To Schneider Just Left For Complications No Matter What It Shouldn't Be This Hard For Me To Get Some Experience I Am New. Even I Didn't Want To Continue With Them For Any Reason There Is No Contract That Said I Was Locked In With Them. Can Someone Help Me On What I can Someone Help Me As What Should I DO? If U Need To Know More Please Let Me Know

Sympathetic NEW
by: Anonymous

The bigger picture is if it can happen to you - it can happen to anyone. Obviously too much control over your longevity in the trucking industry is in other people's hands, and even with a good dac you can be blacklisted.

Video in truck NEW
by: TruckerYitz

Good luck .
Now I wonder if videos were taken in their truck or yours??

by: Anonymous

Why would video tape not just making a sandwich while driving, but eating it. No doubt you have to see that was not a smart move on your part. To all truckers on YouTube. . Edit before posting.

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