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Team driving jobs has advantages and disadvantages. It is a very tricky situation. Whether a driver is happy running this way will depend on a lot of factors including why he/she is running teams in the first place.

Oh, let me back up....

What exactly is team driving? (In case you are not sure)

Generally speaking if you drive as part of a team, you will share the truck with a companion the entire time you are over the road. Ideally you would have long runs across the country. Coast to coast would be preferred by most teams.

The reason for running teams is so that the truck can keep moving.  Companies want to haul more freight and drivers want to make more money.  Running short miles with a team operation would be defeating the purpose of having a team on the truck.

Exception, a company with a lot of critical deliveries which may not go all the way across the country but too far apart to place the just in time deliveries on a solo driver.

Most trucking companies  running teams will have everything working out like clockwork.  Plenty of miles and always moving.

The sad part is that there are some trucking companies with team drivers who simply do not get good miles. Therefor, they don't make as much money as they would if each were solo. That's one harsh reality.

Some Advantages of Team Driving

You may have been wondering, "If I am not choosing team driving for the money, what other reason would I do it?"

Some people don't like to be alone. They are highly social types. A team driving job is a way that a person who likes to always be around other people can also become a truck driver.

You will be close to someone ALLLLLLL of the time, lol.

Other advantages of team driving are . . .

  • The bouncing while riding is soothing and relaxing to some
  • Longer runs - Which matters to some, particularly if you have a hobby such as writing, reading, etc.
  • Less down time - (Only at the right companies)
  • Potential to make more money - (Only at the right company with the right team partner.
  • Someone for companionship. Not sexual - human relation type

Disadvantages of Team Driving

  • You loose half of your independence
  • It's more of a task to coordinate home time
  • You sleep while the other person is driving (or try to,lol)
  • If your co-driver is a slacker, he will jeopardize your career
  • You have to tolerate the habits of another person
  • You probably won't make as much money as you were told

So these are some things that you should keep in mind when deciding if you really want to be a team driver. You have to agree on stopping for the bathroom, eating, breaks and showers.

The closer you stay together the easier it is to deal with home time. The further you stay apart or the difference in your home time requirements, the more of a challenge it presents to dispatch.

For some companies this will cause more of an issue than others.

Some people find it hard to sleep when they are bouncing up and down. Especially if the other person can't drive a lick. LOL. A few people give it up. Others find themselves getting more at ease with time as with anything else. However, if the other person is not a safe driver, it will likely affect your ability to go to sleep. Get another team member.

Some companies let you switch easily. Others make it out to be next to impossible to do.

Some people are unable to drive if their turn is at night. Others are simply slackers and won't. In either case, you may end up driving more than your team member in order to make it to delivery or pick up on time.

So how does having a bad team driver jeopardize your career?

Well not only does this mean you will end up doing the driving for part of his/her paycheck, it also means that you will end up driving beyond your legal allowed hours to drive OR you will just not make your appointments on time.

So you are risking your driving record if you have a team partner who can't pull his/her weight. Again, get another team partner if this happens to you so you won't be driving tired and risking your CDL.

At some companies you can request a non smoker or smoker. Many companies are enforcing, or at least saying they enforce a no smoking policy. According to your own habits this may or may not affect you.

However, all of us have many habits and some pretty annoying to other people. If you are someone who is nit picky about everything and tend to dislike people for every little thing. Team driving is not for you.

You have to be someone that is easy to get along with. He/she will need to be also. (But you can't control that, you can only control you. Team partner with a bad attitude? Get another team member, lol)

Ask about dogs in the truck prior to getting a team, if you have a preference on that.

How much does team drivers make?

A common question that is hard to answer. If you have not figured out, many factors determine this. As a new driver running teams, probably with another new driver you should expect between a $50,000 to $90,000 split. That means $25,000 to $45,000 each.

Just in case your are wondering, yes that is about the same amount you would make as a solo driver. Potential for a little more.

Is it possible to make more than $90,000? Simple answer is yes.

Is it likely that you will make more than $90,000 1st year? NO

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