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Tanker jobs will require experience in most cases. The driver needs to pay attention to detail and be able to follow instructions well. As you can imagine these guys can haul all kinds of product from chemicals, to milk, gas, and so much more.Tanker truck driving jobs can be extra dangerous because of what it might be hauling.

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How is it different from pulling a dry van? What extra training will you need? How long does it take get get trained?

Did you go to a school to get training or did you learn on the job? Is there a school that provides the training for this type of job?

What extra responsibilities did you have pulling this type of freight?

How long did you do this type of trucking job for?

Did you like it? Was it difficult?

Was the extra work worth the money or did you get the same pay as when you pulled dry van?

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I wonder if it's compatible with any other type of tractor trailer driving... I heard my teacher say once if you drive tanker then u can easily jump to …

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