Taking Trucking to The Next Level

It's a personal development CD for truckers.  I made this CD because it is this type of material that help me to evolve as a person while on the road.  While most people were on the CB and listening to satellite radio, I was listening to Sales CDs.  Which if you know anything about sales, is basically personal development.  At least in Zig Ziglars case.  It was an eye opener to me.  New ways of thinking.

Between then and the time I made the CD, Plenty of things happened that I could reflect upon and learn lessons from.  I learned them.

I figured I would make my own related to the trucking industry.  But it's not about trucking, so much as it is about life.  So don't expect it to be a CB about trucking.  It is about the way we think and how to improve on those thoughts.  In other words, look at things in other ways.

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Why would you want this CD?
(listen to it and find out!)

Guys you will want this CD because it will help you to develop (or keep) a positive train of thought. The principles carry over and can be applied to life in general above and beyond trucking.

I point out things about dealing with people at work to handling relationships at home. Sometimes we have to step up and be the bigger person to make things work out.

Controlling our thoughts, attitudes and actions based on our goals is what makes carrying out our plans to reach the big picture final destination possible. This CD will help reinforce that mindset in you.

And I have words for your wife about relationships!

Ladies you will want this CD for many of the same reasons. Also, it will benefit you to give a copy to your trucker to listen while he is driving. I think the relationship part in particular makes the CD something that both husband and wife should listen to.

And I have words for your trucker husband about relationships!

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