SWIFT Fires you for running over a bee!

by Sean Obrien
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

one night backing into a shippers DOC...I bumped the doc a little harder then normal...(over tried and close to my 34 hr re start) any way...the shipping manager came out and said I ran over the rain gutter downspout with my trailer...

I went around to the passenger rear side of the trailer and said that can not be possible since my trailer tandems where slid forward 6 feet away from the rear of the trailer...he insisted I did -and wrote it on the BOL...So I had to report it.

Swift safety manager asked me if I got out and looked...I said yes...He said then why did you write it on the qualcomm notes GOAL...since you did not it is a preventable accident.

the 2nd one was at a TA truck stop...I was 7 mins. from being in my HOS violation and was not finding a place to shut down for my 10 hr break, after going to 3 rest stops that were full and 2 other truck stops...I drove into the TA in Kansas...With only 2 mins left...I parked next to 3 other trucks in un marked no parking spot.

I shut down and did some paper work and jumped into the sleeper for the night...about an hr later my truck was bumped by another truck backing up...he hit the trailers skirting on the drivers side...I got out as he did...he pulled off the skirting and there was no damages to either vehicle...

2 senior Swift trainers drivers appeared out of no where...one said I needed to report this incident even though it was not me at fault.
The driver that hit me...stated i was going to shoot my self in the foot for reporting it...Since there was no damages to either of our trucks.

About then a security guard heard about what happened and asked if we needed the police to file accident report...The driver that hit my trailers skirting said no, there's no damages, no bodily injuries. But the Swift senior trainer, mentor...said I had too.

So I did my good deed and reported the incident...well what happens next is UN believable..

A couple of days go by and I am at a TA ...Another Swift driver & his Team Driver banged on my door as I am on a 10hr break...He said dispatch wants us to take your truck from you- and you need to get all your stuff off tonight..including your dogs stuff ...

I contacted Swift dispatch and inquired on what is going on...they said i was being terminated for the second incident, because it was preventable since I was parked in a no parking spot...if i had not been there...no accident would of happened.

I should of listened to my grandfathers first rule...
Now I am blacked balled from all trucking company's..even though I had a 99% on time pickup and delivery...Swift is Micro Managing simple safety issue that are not serious crashes...and ruining my career.


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Oct 31, 2016
Want to haul cars ? NEW
by: Ohio Road Warrior

Word is PMTG in Michigan is expanding again. Call the lady in recruiting, Dawn. The guys say she answers all the questions you have.

Oct 20, 2016
Good deed NEW
by: Shannyshacker

Do the next best thing get your own truck and auth. and do it your self. PEE ON Single White Idiot Female Trucking (swift pee you)

Oct 20, 2016
ridiculous... NEW
by: roy silva

typical of the abuses of drivers I am hearing about out there...you sound like a good guy, maybe you should have bugged out on em and told them to get fucked...probably still have your job...lmao..backwards logic? reverse psychology? time to chant...WE HATE THE NWO...all these corporate assholes out there. whole industry has gone down the shitter man...and every company has lots of finks and rat types that wouldnt last two seconds on the cell block,..lol

Oct 19, 2016
by: Blights Of The Highway

YEEEEEEEEhaaaarrr! WHOMP! WHOOMMMMP! Alright since you're out of a job anyway, why not try and find a REAL career?

Sep 29, 2016
by: edward jones


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Sep 02, 2016
BlackBalled? NEW
by: Anonymous

so i,ve had incidents my self does this mean your blackballed whats the deal, IM brand new my company ran me into the dirt when i Wouldn't drive for their trainer anymore he was just grabbing my miles. 600 a day.

Aug 21, 2016
Any incidents NEW
by: Anonymous

They hold against you. Like that at all companies.
PS Swift sucks

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