Suzy Kabloozy

by Suzy
(Chatsworth, CA)

That's my guy!  What a looker!

That's my guy! What a looker!

My name is Suzy. I'm middle aged and settled in my ways. I still have one kid at home, the other two flew the coup years ago. I have a dog, 2 cats, and an assortment of small caged animals.

I work full-time as a computer programmer and I also volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary every Sunday morning. I live a rich and full life.

I have many friends and go out a couple times a week (not to clubs or anything, just to hang out, coffee, whatever).

My honey just started driving again after not working for a while. We also just recently got back together, so not living together yet. The breakup had nothing to do with his driving and what it was about has been resolved.

I actually like the time alone. It has nothing to do with loving or missing him. I miss him like the devil and sleeping with the dog isn't quite the same thing, although he does take up less of the bed and doesn't snore as much.

A year and a half apart did both of us a world of good; all the anger and hurt is gone, and we have both changed for the better. I'm not a jealous woman and I have a lot to do, so I truly appreciate the time he's on the road so I can live my life without feeling like I'm selfish for wanting time for myself.

I hope we stay together forever this time, but only time will tell, of course. If it stays like it is, I'm sure we will because our wandering days were over decades ago.

I try to make my own life as good as I possibly can. I realize I am the only one responsible for my happiness. That's how I can stand the separations, I guess. I was happy before we got back together. I was happy when we did get back together. So why wouldn't I be happy now?

I admit, sometimes I feel a little blue when he doesn't call, but it's never more than a day. Usually when he does call again, I find out he finally got a real good night's (day's) sleep. That makes me smile, so how could I get mad?

I appreciate the heck out of this guy. He tries so hard to please me when he is here. I know he misses me, too, but he loves driving. I wouldn't ever want to take away the thing he loves. I really love when he comes home, though.

He just runs a straight route up and down California, so he isn't out for weeks or months at a time, but at the same time he doesn't take many days off so I don't get those 3 and 4 days that a lot of trucker's gals get. He tries to give me one day on he weekend, if he can, but he stays in touch and lets me know he's thinking about me, no matter what.

When he comes home, it is all about making him feel good and feel appreciated. He gets some good food, good loving, rest and relaxation. I guess I'm truly blessed, because he knows how lucky he is to have a woman like me, drama-free and supportive of his lifestyle. And because he knows he's a lucky man, he treats me like a queen.

This life isn't for everyone, but you can make it work if you pick the right guy and you choose to be the right woman. Looking forward to "meeting" you here on this website and sharing some tips and insight.

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