Stolen Trailer

by Pam
(Long Island, NY)

I had a driver who worked for me for just a few months. The truck the driver drove was not registered in my name but in my business partner name, which him and I have been in dispute regarding the operation of the company that only I funded, but everything was registered in the business partner name (I have my invoices to prove my investment in the company).

Anyway, because of the dispute between the partner and I, my business partner decided to contact the driver and advise the driver he will pay him money if he bring the truck to him.

The driver was out of service for a few weeks now because the business partner refuse to renew the plates on the truck so I could not have the driver continue to run loads.

Because of this the driver made a decision without informing me that he would hand the truck and the trailer over to the business partner.

Since the trailer is registered in my name and not the business partner, I would like to know how I can report the driver and the business partner and the stolen trailer.

Do I have to file a police report or do I have to go through DOT, FMC, DAC or some other agency.

I have left messages to both the driver and bus. partner to have the trailer delivered to me in 3 days.

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