Stay encouraged - Its a blessing even if at first that doesn't seem to be true

by R.H
(Denver, Co)

The road is not easy but an honorable, hardworking man is worth their weight in gold.....
I was a single mother when I met my truck driver husband 12 years ago. I was established in my career and a busy woman. I was able to complete 2 college degrees because of the freedom I had because my husband is always on the road.

Fast forward 5 years into our relationship, we had our daughter. Life became challenging because we both have careers that we love and of course because my career is stationed I take on the greater parental role. I needed his support. He did not withhold it intentionally but my skewed thoughts and exhaustion from sleepless nights made me think the opposite.

I learned from my days of single motherhood that a mom has to do what a mom has to do. I did, I do. I rose to the challenge but demanded that he do the same. Communication was the key. It remains the key. Love is an action word and therefore our actions of sacrifice for each other and our family is proof that love compels. I am certain we can all relate on some level that the wish would be a husband that splits day to day duties the truth is that, that is not a trucker wife's reality.
I stopped explaining his absence many years ago.

Fast forward 8 years later he took a leap to become an owner operator. Seemed crazy to support a venture that would keep him away from home longer! Truth is I have known nothing but his absence yet in his absence I learned that a relationship cannot be measured against conventional relationships.

If we impose societal standards of what a union looks like we would of been viewed as doomed from the beginning. I did not marry a 9 to 5 man. We married truck drivers. My husband and I share a mantra that if we do what we love we will never work a day in our lives.

This is our life. Through the ups and downs. The going and returning we made a commitment. Our family is a priority.

I could go into details about my own personal challenges along the way.I urge you to keep your eyes sets on the greater vision. My husband I both graduated with a vision. I support his vision and he supports my vision. We created a mission statement when we got married. We ensure that we remain aligned to it, it keeps us both accountable to each other and our family.

I could go on and on but one thing last piece of advice...I place my husband on a pedestal to his daughter. I remind her that what he does for a living is for us and help plan an activity for them to do together when he gets home.

Being a truckers wife is a blessing even if at first is doesn't feel like it. Your man drives across the nation for you!! You will reap the harvest of your sacrifice in due season is my prayer.

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May 03, 2018
Thank you! NEW
by: Anonymous

I cried while reading this. I’ve been with my trucker for 3 years. We also have kids & I too was a single mom when we met. This was a reminder to keep my eyes on the bigger picture. There are days I feel so overwhelmed with doing so much alone. We both work & I’m working towards what I love as well. Thanks again for this post. It was such an encouragement on a day like today.

Aug 10, 2017
Insightful perspective of the lifestyle
by: Hervy

Thanks so much for providing that glimpse into you and hubbys way of dealing with the trucking lifestyle.

I hope you two have about 20 kids, lol. Get them out here in society to help the community around them have a more beneficial perspective on trucking life and life in general using what you will instill in them.

...But, if you stop at 2 or3 kids, we will be happy for that as well, lol.

Best wishes for many more years of marriage bliss RH.

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