something new to pack in his cooler

by Tracy

my husband has only been at this for a couple of months but i need some ideas on what to pack him.. Right now he has limited use of a microwave and only a cooler to keep things cool..

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Nov 09, 2012
hope this list help NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what it is about eye trucked but my guy loves sweet.. we also just put a mini microwave and a compact fridge in the truck .. works perfect with his inverter... invest in The fridge it's worth it .. found the perfect size at walmart .
Her just a list of a few items u might find helpful

Deli meat
Kings Hawaii bread rolls they stay really soft
Kellogg chocolate peanut butter granola bars
Home made brownies
Peak ice tea
String cheese sticks
Rits crackers and tuna and or chicken salad kits
Dinty Moore microwave meals u can find them in the pantry section of the grocery store

Aug 03, 2012
lots of recipes on line NEW
by: Flowerchild44

My husband has food allergies so much of the fast food that is out there makes him sick. I find good quality rolls and bread and then I vacuum seal lunch meat in his favorite varieties. Wal-mart has AWESOME Cajun turkey breast. I then put them in the freezer so they stay fresher longer in his cooler. I make pasta salad and pack that in a tall thin Tupperware that fits in his cooler or vacuum seal it. Cookies are a must and he has said many times how setting that big bin of cookies next to him on a long haul has helped him stay alert.
Homemade breads are wonderful too for breakfast or late night snack. He balked at me making them but ate them up like crazy. I make banana, apple cinnamon, carrot, spice, and other fruit breads. They keep fairly well in a cooler and pack easily. ALSO buy V8 in the 6 or 8 pack cans. They have veggie and fruit and it is a great way for them to get something healthy on the road. I bake my breads while he is gone and throw them in the freezer. The cookies my son and I cook his last day home so they are fresher.

Jul 17, 2012
homemade cookies NEW
by: Anonymous

Just one suggestion. It's become a thing now before my bf leaves out I send him with a batch of homemade cookies. I think any little thing that reminds them of home helps.

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