Some shippers and receivers don't allow dogs

by Nomadic

I'm looking online to find out why some companies don't allow riders and pets inside their premises during pick ups and deliveries. I live in this truck. I have serious cramps today, and can't even move comfortably. Why can't I lie in the back? And we are in the middle of nowhere. There's no place to drop me off, no time to do it if there was, and certainly no place where dogs are allowed inside nearby.

DMs should really take this into consideration when sending out their drivers. They knew my husband only wanted this job if he could bring me and the dog. What the hell? They also gave him a660 & not a680 truck. REAL NICE GUYS! other newbies who drive alone got 680s. Lame.

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Mar 14, 2016
Deciding to have a dog means accepting that it will at times be inconvenient
by: Hervy

Are you saying that the trucking company should not have sent you to a place that couldn't accommodate your needs with regards to the dog? That's not how it works.

Having said that, most companies don't have a problem with drivers walking their dog in the grass to use the bathroom.

I don't think I have ever seen a driver taking his/her dog inside the building though.

In any case, I guess learn what you can from this experience. Let the dog out to use the bathroom prior to arriving at the shipper/receiver unless you know it is permissible to let the dog out. You could always call prior to arriving to make sure as well.

Having a dog is a choice and a responsibility, issues come up with it. That's why some people (like me) didn't want one on the road. (and I log dogs...have one now...) I didn't want to take the time to address the dogs needs on the road.

When you decide to have a dog, it's is going to mean being inconvenienced to some extent at times in one way or another. Just something you deal with.

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