Smokin' and Shootin'

by Dan

Smokin' and shootin'

Smokin' and shootin'

Great site! Thanks for helping those who are considering entering the trucking bizz (me). I have a million questions, yet I realize I cant enter a novel here. Here are a few:
1.) Seeing how trucking companies have their own school, it seems apparent that they actually profit from it. In a way it seems like if I do them a favor (go to their school instead of community college) they would be more likely to do me a favor (hire me).

2.)Although we smokers always have a plan of quitting, its good to know what to expect from companies in general if I dont succeed at quitting immediately. As a company driver, what do they allow for smoking in a truck? No need to elaborate on Hazmat loads.

3.)If I were to go to community college for my training, would I still have to go OTR with a trainer for X amount of time before being solo?

4.) I have a CCW (Carry concealed weapon) permit. Naturally I want to carry while out on the road. Do companies have a general rule on this, or is it "dont ask dont tell?"

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Mar 25, 2009
Concealed Carry Permit
by: Dan

Thanks for the help, people. The process of acquiring the CCW includes specific guidelines about the law of the land (where you are allowed to carry and where not). Being well aware of the laws from state to state, my question is aimed at company policies as a general rule.

FYI in the state of Colorado it is a county issued license and is honored statewide. Most states that allow CCW honor a number of other states' CCW permit. The information is readily available at or .

Mar 25, 2009
Dan was wondering.
by: Jimmy

Hey Dan, welcome aboard. 1, yes, the trucking co school and getting hired at that same company go hand and hand. They hire you, train you and hopefully you stay there and live happily ever after.

2.Yes, smoking is allowed in the truck when you are solo. When training, depends on the trainer, if he/she smokes.

3. Yes, even if you go to Community College for training, you will go with a trainer before you go solo. Length of time depends on how fast you pick it up. Usually 2-4 weeks, but could be more.

4.On the ccw permit, it is my understanding that permit is issued by your County and is valid in your County only. Possibly, Statewide, but highly unlikely nationwide. Definitely not in N.Y. state. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN N.Y. with a gun, period. You will be hustled off to the calaboose. Some/most companies have policies forbidding weapons on the trucks, but the real hassle comes from the many jurisdictions you will pass through while driving.

When I first got into trucking in 1976, I owned a Colt Cobra .38 spl with 6"barrel. I got my CDL and had bought a truck and took my "baby" with me. Kept it in my briefcase and took the briefcase with me whenever I left the truck. I carried that briefcase with gun around for probably 6-7 years and never needed it or had any hassles with law enforcement until one night in Connecticut at a rest area where I was bedding down for the night and a F*G approached my truck and was very persistant. He finally backed off, but needless to say, I was prepared for any aggression. I've slept at many rural rest areas as well as seedy industrial areas.

Having a weapon on board can be a catch 22. You are protected, but you can get into trouble for having it. One more thing, one time I quit a company at their Indiana terminal and flew home to Ca, but had to UPS my gun home since guns are a no/no on an airplane. When I got home, my gun was sitting on the porch, left there by the UPS guy since no one was home to accept the package. Words of wisdom from Jimmy.

Mar 25, 2009
Think about it.
by: Anonymous

As I understand the conceal carry system, permits are issued by the city or county where you live for a percieved threat in that area. In a truck you are crossing so many jurisdictions there is just no way the law enforcement departments can process apps, do backgrounds and track all the weapons that could be carried by OTR Truck drivers. So, I would say, carry permits would be like medical marijuana cards and not recognized nor honored by the DOT. Most, if not all companies have policies that state, No weapons even if you have a permit.

Mar 25, 2009
Smoking and Shooting questions with reqards to trucking
by: Hervy

Dan most trucking companies don't have a problem with smokers driving for them.

Don't let that stop you from quitting though! :-)
It's only going to get to be more of a hassle for you guys and more expensive and well you already know the health aspect.

Man I am really wondering about the conceal carry deal. I am going to have to ask some questions. I just read an article the other day where a thief went to rob a driver who pull out his pistol and shot the guy. The article never said anything about the driver getting in trouble for having the gun.

It was and has been my understanding (or perhaps misunderstanding) that a weapon was not allowed (legally) in a commercial vehicle.

If you find out for sure before I do, please return to post what you find out about the conceal carry law with regards to trucking.


Update: I was right a weapon is not allowed in a commercial vehicle period. Federal Law. Doesn't matter what permits or whatever you have. If you get caught with it you will wish you hadn't.

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