by Derek


I am a four of a few to be the owner of the family trucking company and never will change the way of our way of doing business.

But a little about me well I was raise in the trucking industry and also grew up farming was raise with the old time values and ways my family is one of very few that are still the true old value and that I little about my rausing .

Tell yea a little more about me and things I am a pretty laid back and easy going person cuz life to short to stress out and I live life with the fun side of me and there is life out there and have one thing that I can say is in the the top of my thing I learn from my grandfather and also my dad and it is one of the truth and honest thing that is life that was that in one's life your not ever going to have what you are trying for or have a smile or some fun in the life yu get a short time to live and enjoy it cuz the one thing that holds true is yes the stress is going to be there and it's the one that is never gone so in life there is one thing and as I did take advice an there was stress so say it and try it life to short to not have fun and if you one like me I like to camp,hunt,ride 4 wheelers and live a little on the wild side like to try new things and be a person the has a bit of a joking side to me a funny guy lol but I am never one to be a true family man to I am a proud dad of two boys ages 21 an 9 year of age. My oldest boy has followed in my foot steps and has trucking in his soul and heart as I did so proud of the trucker he has grown to become and owner of the company and family business he is soon to take over I am one to be a stress free person at least the friend I have say how do I not go to stress mess or get boiling when things go crazy at my company or other things but life to short to stress or stuff and I am never going to get life answer of it if it's going to just be work,eat,sleep the trucking industry is the life I am and it's in my heart and soul and the one thing that is that there is the true drivers that most of us are and trucking is not just a job it a love and a lifestyle that some us where past down and that I am a trucker and trucking and all that are what I grown to be and as others in my family tree of past trucker I am proud to say I was born a trucker and will be laid to rest a trucker and life is trucking and that's where I come from

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