by Derek K.
(Lafayette, Colorado)

I was born in northern Texas in a small town our family started trucking back in mid 1930's and has owned an operated a small company that started with one truck now has grown to 15 company trucks and 12 plus owner/operators.

I am the fourth gen. To proudly run it but I am not just the owner but also a truck driver of 18 plus year's. Have two boy's that also are truck driver's and a spouse that has trucking in the blood and can slip gears an truck with the best of um our family is truckers that like all before them and myself with the heart an soul that from the start have trucking in blood.

Truck driving is not just a job to them its a life that myself and others truckers are proud to Cary on. Guess thats me or at least a little about me

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Feb 04, 2016
Trucker for life NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a true trucker and man with the heart and soul of trucking the way it was back in the days when it was truthfully trucking. Trucking is a trade past down and should be a family owned and operated business and trucking is a life and a man as this one has trucking way of life that shows and the heart and soul that is proud to carry on the true old time trucking ways.

Thank you to you and all the trucker that drive truck and do the job that most don't even know that what they wear or eat or home they live in was delivered by a trucker without truckers they would be homeless, naked and hungry thank you and keep on trucking

May 24, 2015
by: Hervy

Always good to see you visit the site Derek. You provide great insights and tips. I bet you and your group also provide a great place to work at as well.

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