by AmberNicole Acosta
(VIctorville, California, USA)

Aiden acting like daddy LOL

Aiden acting like daddy LOL

I am a trucker's wife..well, almost. lol we are engaged. Been together for over 4 years and have a total of 3 kids. He has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 6 and we have two boys together ages 1 and 3.

My fiance just started OTR. Before he was just working during the week and would be home on the weekends so this is really rough for me AND the kids.

I'm in need of some sort of outlet and/or support and he knows it so he found me this website :) hoping to meet new friends who know what I go through on a day to day basis and be able to hopefully ease minds of new trucker wives who have no clue what they're in for LOL

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Sep 30, 2012
welcome NEW
by: American trucker

welcome and enjoy

Sep 29, 2012
Welcome Amber! NEW
by: Helonwheels

Hi Amber,

I live in Long Beach, Ca. My adult son lives in Apple Valley! My trucker guy's firm is out of Fontana, Ca. He has been OTR for 25 years it is his choice of career. I leave it at that. I have my choice and he is good with that. It was extremely rough in the beginning, but he has been out there so long that life is easy now. He learned how to make things easy for himself, and knows how to make plans on being home for Holidays, vacations, and home every week for 2 days. Living in Cali and being a trucker is better than what I have heard on this site, where many truckers are out weeks, and months on end! My guy has never had to sacrifice that way, and I will give that credit for where we are located. Hope you give it your best shot and stay strong!

Helonwheels :)

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