by Santhosh

Hi, this is Santhosh from India. I am always fascinated by big long haul trucks and the tactful drivers behind the wheel.

What an adventerous life it could on roads all day and night. Clocking mile after mile, crossing state and country borders, spending the night in Truck Stops and all the time thinking about your loved ones at home.

A life full of challenge and adventures and yet you guys have your duties to perform..deliveries to make, time lines to meet. A life full of sacrifice!. Kudos for my trucker brothers and sisters !.

Here, in India the trucking scene is pretty sick. Life as a trucker in India could be very hard and pathetic. There are a very few good trucking companies in business, which provides the truckers with the very basic amenities.

You can never imagine about the condition of the state and national highways here. Here we share the same lane with the trucks, buses, four-wheelers, motorcyclists, cows and dogs.

No wonder India holds the record for the highest number of road accidents in the world.

Read these news article .
Here is another page(a must read) which gives you an idea of life as a trucker in India .

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Jan 13, 2010
Just a thought
by: Jennifer S


How hard that must be to want to live a dream, but to be unable to obtain it in your own country. Have you ever considered getting a working visa, and giving it a shot here in the states? I do not/would not know even how to go about that, or even if you COULD go about that!

Just a thought


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